[B ] Street blockade in solidarity with the dead and the alive and fighting

No Justice / No Peace / FTP

On August 25th 2014 Michael Brown was buried in St.Louis (USA ). He was murdered by a cop, against the background of a genocide against "conspicious" youth, intensifying class divisionand racist social order. Not only in the USA, also in Germany and world wide.

So we took to the streets of Berlin  (Germany) in solidarity with those fighting in Ferguson.

With a bunge of people we blocked Friedrichstrasse at Checkpoint Charlie, a tourist hot spot and bizarre leftover of Germany`s and the US` common history in the very city centre, holding banners and the names of only a few of those, who got killed by racism and the state`s dogs. We would need thousand, millions of hands to hold all the names of those who should be honoured and never forgotten. May they continue to live in our struggle!


Just after a few minutes we received a call, telling us that refugees attempted to re-squat Oranienplatz, a square in a traditional migrant and radical neighbourhood, where a protest camp by refugees was evicted a few months ago. The situation is now escalating again, after the state, notoriously lying, kicked  the refugees out of their residences and threatens to deport several of them. Right now, four refugees climbed the roof of their asylum dormitory and threaten to kill themselves, if they should still be faced with eviction and deportation. There will be a demonstration this evening. Already yesterday about 1000 people gathered spontaneously at Oranienplatz, breaking police lines and several times attacking them with bottles and stones.


People of Ferguson you are not alone! The dead may be gone but they never left us.

May we be strong and create new relations - across all borders and divisions.

We know our enemies.

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Ob in Kreuzberg oder Friedrichshain, Geflüchtete sind nicht allein !

Refugees Welcome !

Demo: Sonntag, 31.08. 17 Uhr S + U Warschauerstr.

Solidarity from Chicago, where we've been trying to organize responses to recent police murders here on the southside: