Take an Aboriginal passport to show respect on your travels


Maybe you're planning to visit Australi and travel through the lands of Aboriginal nations? The Indigenous Justice Asoociation would like to hand you an Aboriginal passport. by obtaining an aboriginal passport you are showing full respect to the elders of the aboriginal nations you may travel through.


the second aboriginal passport ceremony will be held at the settlement in sydney on saturday 13 september, 2014 from 1pm to 5pm. this event arises from the many enquiries we have received from those who wish to carry an internal passport as they travel through the aboriginal nations.

by reading and signing the aboriginal passport pledge, this then allows for clear recognition, understanding and acceptance that you fully agree that the stolen lands called australia are in historical fact the lands of the nations of the traditional owners. lands never ceded! always was, always will be, aboriginal land! by obtaining an aboriginal passport you are showing full respect to those elders of the aboriginal nations you may travel through and this is signified by those elders signing your passport.

please remember that the aboriginal passports are for non-aboriginal people only who are living here in australia and, further, that they cannot be used for overseas travel. the aboriginal passports are not recognised by any australian government. nor are they to be used as an adornment on a mantelpiece somewhere overseas. they are a living working document to be utilised in your travels through the aboriginal nations.

we especially invite requests from our many incarcerated asylum seekers friends for whom the passports will be issued free as a solidarity gesture of support and a reminder that they are welcome on to aboriginal land. we request a payment of $10 from all others who have the capacity to pay this small amount to allow isja to cover costs. back-packers are also encouraged to apply.

we also invite the media to attend and join us in celebrating our real multiculturalism.

show respect. show recognition of the stolen lands.

access to the aboriginal passport site can now be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/844603945552696/

should you have access problems then please contact me on the contacts given below.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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(french human rights medal 2013)

1303/200 pitt street, waterloo. 2017
61 2 9318 0947
0450 651 063

we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people
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Freedom walk for people and Country nwalliance@healthyland.com.au

First Nations Women’s ceremonial walk for freedom – Local walk from Wailwaan country to Wiradjuri country.

Yanhagagi Wailwaandhi biladhi Wiradjurigu bilagu bilingarra ngiyanhigingu mayiny/dhiiyaan, bilingarra ngiyanhigingu ngurambang/dhawun.

A walk from the Wailwaan side of the Castlereagh River to Wiradjuri Talbragar river to take care of our people, to take care of our country.

We are walking for the health and wellbeing of our people, for our families, for future generations and for our country that gives us all life.

We want clean air, clean water and healthy land for our children and for all future generations.

We do not want any more mining in our country. We do not want any more poisons in our lives. We want our lands to be used to grow food without poisons so that our next generations may have a future.

We walk for the right of our children to remain safe with their own families in connection to our culture, our law and our country. We walk to end the incarceration of our children into out of home care and juvenile prison. We walk for an end to incarceration of all people into a system that puts profits for the rich before the wellbeing of people and the country that gives us all life.

We walk for our sovereignty as members of the Wiradjuri, Wailwaan, Yuin, Bundjalung, Gumbayngirr, Dhunghutti and Yaegl first peoples. This means we walk for our right and responsibility to determine our own lives and our own futures. The right and responsibility to be custodians of our lands and of our future generations. The right and responsibility to walk in our buyaa/bigan (law).

We walk as part of the First Nations Women’s ceremonial walk for freedom. We walk with our Aunty Susan Rankin and all the women and families who are part of this walk.

We also walk in connection with the Grandmothers against Removals: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/

We also walk in connection with the campaign to Stop Coal Seam Gas in the Pilliga, to protect the Leard from Coal mining and to Stop the Rare Earths Mine at Toongi near Dubbo. We walk standing strong in our law and spirituality knowing that our children and all the children of the future need us to act now.

We walk locally on October 4th and 5th. Contact us on 0400409102 or at indyamarra@hotmail.com if you wish to join us. We will then be meeting the main walk in Canberra later in the month. To contact the main walk call Aunty Susan Rankin on 0422445565.
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