[B] Riot Police frisking refugee at Görlitzer Park, 4 Aug 2014

No Border. No Nation. Stop Deportation.

This person was frisked by German riot cops, who regularly raid the area around Görlitzer Park and control black people for "drugs." What they really check is papers. The "drug controls" are really border controls, which are officially illegal inside the Schengen zone.



Because the victim asked me to stopped filming, the video does not show the end of the story. The police saw that the man had a temporary paper and was not allowed to leave the district of his internment camp (Residenzpflicht). They told him: "We do not want to see you here again tomorrow. You have to go back to your district."

Then they left him off; they did not give him a fine, because that requires a report, which takes about an hour to write, and these big boys don't like to write so much. (They do like slick Seitenscheitels though.)
The man had done nothing wrong; they found nothing while searching him. Imagine you take a walk, four armored cops stop and search you, and then tell you not to go walking here again.

These searches happen all the time in Kreuzberg. The goal of this tactic is not to get drugs out of Görlitzer Park. Drugs were and will always be everywhere in Berlin.

The police objective is to get BLACKS out of Görlitzer Park. They only control blacks, not people who look like drug users - because everyone here looks like that. And they want blacks OUT, not just under control. So the goal is not racial profiling - it's "ethnic cleansing."

If you see someone get controlled, do NOT walk past. Stay and watch. If you have something that looks like a camera, take it out. They cannot forbid you to film; all they can tell you is to step back a few meters.
The police should NEVER feel comfortable controlling people in our neighborhood. The minimum reaction they should get is an angry crowd - always, everywhere.

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Schengen wurde eingeführt, damit man die "border controls" von der Grenze weg im Inneren machen kann, erst seit Schengen gibt's BGS am Bahnhof, ...

Das einzige was BGS nicht machen darf ist Verkehrskontrollen, also bei BGS weiter bei Rot fahren.