Occupy Protest Save Rosia Montana

Salvati Rosia Montana ocupies hotel in Cluj

Today, 7 November 2011, in Cluj Napoca, Romania – took place the protest for Rosia Montana “Occupy Conti with Rosia Montana – PreOccupy Cluj”. 7 activists from the Save Rosia Montana Campaign occupied the building of the former Continental Hotel, from the Union Square, in Cluj Napoca – Romania.

The purpose of this protest is to stop the lies and the misinformation related to the mining project of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. This project involves the use of cyanide in the gold exploitation process and the destruction of Rosia Montana. The protest lasted for 7 hours. During this time the activists posted large banners of the building of the former Continental Hotel, with message in support of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign: “The Revolution Starts in Rosia Montana”, “STOP RMGC”, “Occupy Conti with Rosia Montana”, “Resistance is fertile”.

The 6 activists were evacuated by the police, after a few attempts to enter the building, in the applauses and the admiration of over 100 supporters that gathered spontaneous in front of the building.

This action joins the “Occupy” movement that gathers millions of citizens all over the world which are protesting against the failure of the global financial system. Through “Occupy Conti”, Romanians transmitted the message of the strongest social and environmental campaigns in the country.

Photos, videos from the action: