"FreundInnen der Freiheit" - eine anarchistische Gruppe in Russland/Weissrussland

Revolte in Paris 1968

Zur Gründung der anarchistischen Gruppe "FreundInnen der Freiheit" ein Originaltext von ihr in englisch. Der Originaltext ist unter http://blackblocg.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-post_11.html zu finden.


«Friends of Liberty» is an autonomous anarchist group, which was founded independently, separately from conventional anarchist movement. Yesterday we have listened to music and read books – today we keep on struggle. Our appearance is the answer to the tendency of degradation of the main part of anarchist movement. Answer to transformation of the movement to some kind of «funny party». Answer to the popularity of reformist and legalist tactic.


Anarchism was born as ideology of the opressed, as the instrument of struggle without any compromise. Human rights and liberty, dignity, justice and solidarity don’t need a subjunctive mood.
We want anarchist movement to return its true nature again and trace a revolutionary path of hard struggle.


Our principles are:

to be an autonomous group, independent from the Movement in general, to rely only on our own strength.
The denial of all legal forms of struggle. Legalism is a trap.
To do actions which:
1) demonsrate the weakness of the state and other institutions of power;
2) lead to the growth of the working people’s faith in their own strength.
To operate only with direct action methods of struggle. No signatures, no petitions, no lying laws.
To do our best for help the opressed in the concrete situations. One burned buldozer on the gentryfying Building works or burned car of boss-opressor is more important than ten Molotov coctails thrown to the embassy.


The explanation of our actions, related with attack on Russian embassy:

Action was taken as a symbol of our solidarity with defenders of Khimki forest who suffer the state’s repressions. These are not only two imprisoned guys, but also many people suffering arrests and pressure. We don’t care of the placement Khimki forest not in Belarus. We are anarchists and don’t consider borders of the states. We support social struggle all over the world.


The second statement, which was about an action against police detention center «Okrestina», was realy something like a text of Belorussian liberal opposition. We have to write it like that because of betrayal of Belarus Indymedia. Acton was taken to let pigs know – they have arrested «innocent» people.


Except Indymedia we had nobody to rely on — so we decided to make a statement in a form (but not in a sense!) of liberal opposition to make mass media tell about that to the people — and we have reached this goal.


We have some discords with organisation «Revolutionary Action» – but they are realy strong and good comrades. They were brave anough to publish our statements and even when betrayal of Indymedia became clear — they had confirmed that radical actions had taken Belarus anarchists themselves.

Current activity of Belarus Indymedia and their screws leads to collapse. Instead of accepting the clear fact of real existing of our group, they, like idiots, continued to call «Friends of Liberty» as a police provocation. And that is against the will of imprisoned people!


You, all who are not satisfied with this «sweet», toy and funny pseudo-movement — create your own autonomous groups and take a step on the path of illegal struggle. Our goal is to up a reputation of anarchism among the working class, show them, that direct action is the best way to make life better and reach the ultimate liberation.


Let’s start with resolute actions of solidarity with prisoners and let’s these events became a new landmark in a development of anarchism in ex-USSR.

You, police and secret service pigs of Belarus, we want to say once more: you arrest innocent people! You fabricate a false charges just to finish your «work» as soon as possible. But if you want to condemn an innocent, so — it’s up to you. We just wait you to give a report on «the succesfull defeat of the anarchist gang» to your chievs and then we give you the real hell. And you will loose you sweet workplaces.


Freedom for all imprisoned!
Stop political repressions!
Down with the police state!


«Friends of Liberty»