[Wien] Attack on a bank

I come like the furious tempest

Last weekend the branch of Bawag-PSK Bank in Kuefsteingasse 37, 1140 Vienna was attacked with sticky stinky black liquids.
Banks are one important component of the whole capitalist system of exploitation. Behind every story they tell us, why we should store our money there, we will find out that the only aim is profit. Also they are deeply connected with the welfare of the state. They depend on each other like flowers on sun. If banks go bankrupt the state has to save them and also the other way round.


There's no space for a deep analysis of the whole fucking system here, unfortunately.
If banks get attacked it's also an indirect attack on the state!

Solidarity to the anarchists who are accused for bankrobbery in Aachen, Germany! (https://solidariteit.noblogs.org/)
Solidarity to the squat in Kienmayergasse 15 that's been evicted yesterday! (https://kienmayergasse15.noblogs.org/)

What's the robbery of a bank compared to the foundation of a one?