Solidarity Action for the Röszke 11 in Vienna


On Monday, the 27th of June, there was a solidarity action in front of the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, Austria. People demonstrated for the freedom of the accused in the Röszke/ Horgos trial, that continued on this day, and also on the following days (29th, 30th of June and 1st of July). More info about the trial.


This is the statement that was read during the protest:


We know about the cooperation between Austrian and Hungarian authorities against migrants not only since the trial against so called smugglers here in Vienna. Austrian politicians and the state system are one of the main responsibles for tightening the rules of the murderous border regime: Being detained in prisons in hungary or any other EU states and also in Serbia. Being beaten up by police in Bulgaria or any other state that is on the route. Separating families constantly. Being deported against the will (often under forced drug influence by Austrian police). Letting people die in the sea and pretending this was a human catastrophe caused by "smugglers".


NO! It's not! But who talks about capitalist injustice? Still the (neo)colonial world-order is something that people in Austria,and especially authorities don't consider a factor , when talking about migration. At the same time logistic and transport- companies make huge profits due to the openness of borders for goods and money.


Many people in Austria have supported travelers coming without documents from Hungary during summer/autumn 2015. But this action was happening only for a small period of time, that was later used to pretend a general solidarity among the "austrians" for "refugees". The autonomous support structures where completely "white washed" in the media, when in fact mostly people who have migration history where the ones supporting people on the move or people who were arriving new.


For us it is a necessity to make the prison-system a topic, that is directly connected to the reality of migrants/refugees. We oppose detention centers and camps because people are forced to have their lives controlled by the state and security companies (like securitas , G4S - again one of the profiters of the fortress europe). What the people in Röszke/Horgoš did – the creative protest, the solidarity between each other and also the hitting back when police started to intervene against them – we see it as a strong act of resistance against right wing policies and a cry for freedom and equality. The trial in Szeget is for us reason to over think: Who is becoming a victim of police repression and who is not? Whose solidarity campaigns are successful? Whose struggles will be remembered?


We also want to especially express our solidarity with Ahmed H. who is accused of a 'terrorist attack' and being a leader of the protests. For the other 10 people there are more critical voices, because as a Hungarian comrade said, the ridiculous failure of the authorities to create the bloody enemy out of a man in wheelchair, and a half blind, old woman is quite evident. While in the case of Ahmed H. it is not that obvious, he is a physically healthy man - it is much easier to use him as the unknown other who can hide a lot of dark secrets... The media is using this image to report about the trial. The enemy, the terrorist we have to be scared of and who can carry any evil like islamist ideas or bombs. This fits to a strong trend in Europe to be scared of younger refugee men. In this trial we can understand and criticize how the creation of the evil happens. It is another example of what happens to people who fight against the system of borders and oppression. But the fight will continue anyways!


In deep solidarity with the accused and their friends and families, we say Freedom for the Röszke 11 now! Because EUropean economic and political-colonial power is a responsibility to fight the concept of fake democracy itself and demand real freedom for everybody!


An injury to one is an injury to all!