Sommerausgabe 2016 d. "Berkeley Slingshot" (anarchistische Zeitung)

Traditionsreiche anarchistische Zeitung aus Kalifornien feiert die 121. Ausgabe:







Issue #121: Summer 2016

Table of Contents:

Bring back the commons – Alameda DA criminalizes squatting

Nuit Debout – French youth take to the streets!

Nothing left to lose – lessons & inspiration from the 2000 DNC

Introduction to issue #121  (“Slingshot box”)

Occupy this! Infoshops and radical spaces 

Take the roots out of the problem – Mexican Farmers seize land for a better life 

Fight the toxic prison – organizing between ecology and incarceration

The City Is Ours: Squatting and Autonomous Movements In Europe From The 1970s to The Present ed. by Bart Van Der Steen, Ask Katzeff and Leendert Van Hoogenhuijze, PM Press 2014

DIY deodorant

Break off the boards build our dreams

San Francisco Bay Area squatting scene report – East Bay Homes Not Jails is back at it again

A prisoner’s perspective – Black Lives Matter

Let’s Organize Anarchism – check out this proposal for a yearly conference

Remembering Active Resistance – cops, Democrats and anarchy run riot in Chicago

Beyond Spectacle – Increasingly Repressive Policing Calls for Greater Innovation at RNC & DNC

Repression Breeds Resistance – cops occupation of NYC at RNC in 2004 didn’t spoil the party

Occupy the Trauma – still struggling with PTSD years after Occupy Oakland

Never mind the ballots – towards large scale horizontal decision making

Art of Resistance

Zine Reviews: One Less Email, One More Zine

Occupy the Farm film review

Organizer seeds ‘a germinating

Hot Summer Nights:  Calendar