Greek Revolt (28th February, 1st March 2010)

no love from banks...

... "If a person's mind gets in the choice between peacefull or violent struggle, then it's possible not to struggle at all" ...


- Raoul Vaneighem -


Sunday 28th February 2010


  • Announcement of Antiauthoritarian Movement Athens for the arrested protestors in Vyronas district (watch older update):


 This Saturday, 27/02 held in the neighborhoods of Vyronas a demonstration against the state repression in response to dozens of shots from the police under daylight in a heavy populated area. This resulted in the murder of 25 years N. Toddy shoted by police, who happened to pass close to the spot.

 After the end of the demonstration (in which participated many people from the region and not only) and had not preceded by anything in particular, the praetors of Chrysohoides (Queen's Peace minister) unnecessarily attacked the demonstrators, who had already begun to leave the area. The unreasonable action of the repression forces has resulted many adductions and arrests, injuries against demonstrators and throwing of chemicals in one of the most populous neighborhoods of Athens.

 More specifically fake indictment were manufactured against 11 protesters, of which ten are blamed with light crimes and one with high level crimes. It is worth to notice that the accused person with heavy crimes was transferred to hospital with serious head injuries from hits of police. During his time in hospital and being covered in blood, police officers had put handcuffs and forced him to stand up for about two hours until some of the protesters and lawyers who arrived at the hospital condemn this treatement. So in return for his patience and persistence they added a heavy crime to the already entirely faked indictment.

 It is now clear that the state applies on a daily basis the dogma of zero tolerance. The aim is to create a fearful climate and to terrorize the society. With thousands of cameras, violent repression of demonstrations, excessive use of chemicals in the inner city, stifling police forces in neighborhoods and fascistic nature legislative amendments, the situations of exemption and emergency become a daily norm. The militarization of societies impose a social consensus through fear. The resistance of the whole society against state's methods is imperative.

We demand the immediate release of the arrested persons and the withdrawal of all blames.

We protest on Tuesday 2nd of March in front of Evelpidon court.

Antiauthoritarian Movement Athens


  • Looting attack against Millennium Bank on Venizelou street at Neapolis district of Thessaloniki.
  • Antiracist action on Zakynthos island. 30 persons deleted xenophobic slogans of fear and hate that were sprayed on walls around the town. Many information flyers were also spreaded to people who used to walk on the streets.
  • "Non Tolerance" organisation took the responsibility for looting the offices of Pemy Zouni, member of PASOK ("socialistic" party on government) on 26th February. They condemn this way the spectacle of politicians as long as Pemy Zouni does not have any idea of politics but she is very familiar with cameras and tv-shows because she is an actress. They call the people to be well prepared for the next revolt and also threaten cops that "we will visit you at your homes".
  • Antirascist demonstration by anarchists and leftists in Sparta town. The slogans that were shouted: "In Albania, Turkey and Greece, the enemy is inside the Banks and Ministries", "Immigrants are the damned of Earth, in the bosses' world we are all immigrants", "Solidarity is the folks' weapon, war against the war of bosses", "As days pass by, the hatred grows up, rascists, pigs, murders", "Neither in Sparta nor anywhere else, smash the fascists in any neighbourhood", "National unity is a trap, the proletarians do not have a country", "Fuckin' fascists, get ready to hang you".



Monday 1st March 2010


  • The strike of Egyptian fishermen workers in Michaniona village in the near of Thessaloniki city still goes on for eight weeks now. In solidarity with the immigrants is PAME (communist parliament party syndicalists) who have already been attacked by the fish-boat owners and some friends of them with nationalistic ideas. In active solidarity also students from Thessaloniki who open to the problems of the society. Radio talks and councils with the immigrants inside the Universities take place, so also students can have a view about what happens inside the rest of the society. The Egyptians work in Greece as "guest workers". During the afternoon, the shipowners together with some fascists attacked against houses of immigrants in the village.
  • The neighbourhood assembly of Exarcheia district condemns an event that took place on the 20th of February. People of the district make an effort for some months now to chase away the heroin dealers. It is a state's method to move the heroin dealing in areas of the city that the authorities want to blackmail. So, on 20th Feb. residents of Exarcheia have tried to chase away a heroin dealer who shot on the ground to make them feel afraid.
  • Antifascistic action in Chania town on Creta island. People gathered in the central square of the town with loudspeakers and flyers to inform the society about the rascistic and fascistic events that have took place in the town.
  • Clashes and teargas against protestors in front of the Labor Ministry. Announcement from ANTARSYA:


Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow - Protest at Ministry of Labor on 1st March 2010.




 Olli Rehn (European Commissioner) and Andreas Loverdos (Labor Minister) will meet to talk about how to destroy the Social Insurance System, to calm "the markets" so the local and multinational moneylenders of the banks can profit more. We will be there to emphasise one more time the message of the Panworkers Strike on 24th February. WE WILL NOT PAY FOR YOUR CRISIS. They will HAVE to get the message and adapted by removing the anti-labor measures storm that they prepare to cut insurance and labor rights of workers.


 ANTARSYA calls for an answer to the real pigs - P.I.G.S., as the european bankers and their rich friends call us - who will be INSIDE the Labor Ministry and siege them as they deserve.




  • Blockade of Major Council in Volos town. Intervention of 100 anarchists, indepentents, leftists in the Major Council's Room where a discussion used to happen about the comercial/touristic use of Anavros park. The people say that they will block in future any other try from the authorities that will have as an aim to destroy nature.
  • One more navy soldier on Lesvos island comited self suicide ...
  • Responsibility announcement for the looting of Millenium Bank in Thessaloniki:




  A daily life that is controlled by disgusting politicians and scientists and is analyzed under economical terms has nothing but nothing to offer to society. Society? We don't mean the millions of hypnotized, users of pills, besotted in front of the TV, the payed slaves or comformists, the neutral minds about everything that take care only for themselves, those who take something positive from the situation today, anyway those who carry on the ethics of this world. We understand a different part as a society. A different part with another view on reality. A part of the society that at this times has in their mind the idea of undermining this world; to make a revolution like none of the alleged earlier ones. Individually and collectively to bring social liberation in reality. Not with temporary autonomous "liberated" homes inside and around the cities and utopian imaginaries in today's time but with aspirations for them to take action now to a very flexible and real-destructive urban guerrilla. Please stay away from the movements of passivity and reformism. The struggle against the state and capital shall become one, single and shocking.

 Let's draw even a little bit more of hatred for the cop-pigs who killed with 9 bullets the 25 years old Nicolas Toddi beacuse of their utter stupidity to misunderstand him for a different person. When you listen 'security', you gotta know that someone is smelling for human flesh. But also let's also draw hatred for the other guys, the 'protectors of citizens' who attacked the demonstration in Vyronas district. These so called 'protectors' is nothing more than a terrorist gang with white helmets, batons and tear gas who serve as faithful dogs the dogma of counter-revolution. Freedom for the arrested persons.

 The State is vindictive? You will see how vindictive we can also become. You still exterminate A. Bonanno in the jail? You enforce us to keep more fire in our hands.

 So the midnight hours on Saturday and Sunday (27-28/2) we engaged ourselves in acts of arson in Thessaloniki against Millenium Bank and a townhall's vehicle.