Greek Revolt (Update 28-29-30 January 2010)


The certain updates that will keep on appearing on this site have a purpose to give a small overview of some political events in daily reallity around the area of the planet that is called Greece. The title "Greek Revolt" shows that December 2008 was not an unpolitical riot event, as the german mass media & parliament parties want to describe it. December 2008 was the first european revolt of the 00's, influenced thousands of people in Greece and the effects of the revolt still exist until the next insurrection or even better revolution.

__28th January 2010__


° Looting mechanism in the offices of "Simitis Foundation", responsible for some thousands of black euros. "Revolutionary Liberation Action" urban guerrilla organisation condemning Konstantinos Simitis, a greek ex-priminister member of PASOK, as responsible for enforcing state repression & control methods in the past, for creating economical bubbles in the favor of local and global bosses and against the proletarians. The same organisation has looted also the offices of Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Nea Dimokratia, right wing) before some months.


° "Cell of Unordered" took the responsibility for the looting of Carrefour supermarket on the early hours of 27th January with three fire mechanisms: One in the entrence of the building, one on the side and one in the apothek. The purpose of the organisation was to burn down the whole building, but only serious damages were caused. They selected the certain target, because on 28th December a youngster was shot and died in a Carrefour in Lyon after stealing two beers.


° Chane looting attacks in Athens and Thessaloniki during the night. Looted: 1 office of Nea Dimokratia, 2 UN vehicles, 2 private companies' vehicles, 6 luxurious cars, 1 Mc Donald's, 1 bank cash-machine.



__29th January 2010__


° Solidarity actions with FAU-Berlin:

 In Thessaloniki, in front of the german consulate. The call was from Libertarian Syndicalistic Union (small anarchist union) and Antiauthoritan Movement. fotos:

 In Athens, in front of the german embassy which was blocked by special pigs' forces, Z-team pigs, undercover pigs. Hundreds of flyers were spreaded around, information were also spoken from a loudspeaker. The protestors from Libertarian Syndicalistic Union and Anarchists' Open Assembly for United Polymorphic Movement showed presence for two hours on the spot. The pigs, after the end of the political action occupied Exarcheia district again (anarchist area) to take revenge.


° Exarcheia area occupied by special pigs' forces in one more open cooperation with nazis. Among the "autonomous nationalists" who were arrested before some days, there were also members of the other older nazistic teams in Greece and the parliament fascistic party supported the arrested openly.


° Antifascistic action in several districts of Athens: Lots of fascistic plakats and signs on walls disappeared. When we talk about fascists in Greece, we talk about shit brain persons who belive in Hitler or the ex-kings from Bavaria. Some of them believe also that they have genes from the ancient greeks, who came straightly from Serius!


° Two arrested youngsters late at night in Thessaloniki. One of the youngsters started shouting and swearing against the pigs, who have occupied since long time the squares of the city where youngsters spend their time by drinking, talking and playing music.



__30th January 2010__


° Evaggelos Venizelos, national deffence minister, keeps on gambling with U.S., german and french companies for buying 25 billion euros of army equipment and decides to employ 2000 more soldier for the NATO occupations in several countries. The participation of Greece in NATO wars costs 1 million euros per day. In the same time more people get under the limit of poverty.


° Farmers from north Greece make their struggle stronger by blocking highways, borders' entrances from Bulgaria and train railways. Their struggle seems more important than the past ones, because most of them in the north side get organised on their own without leadership. Many anarchists and out-parliamentary communists in solidarity with them.


° New attacks against immigrants by coast guards and pig officers in the town of Igoumenitsa. Lots of uprooted people from Afghanistan, Kurdistan and other countries wait in the port of the town to try to escape to Italy. This time the pigs attacked brutally some immigrants, beat up, arrested them and some people say that they also heard gun-fires. Before a week, the pigs burnt blankets and clothes of them. Citizens from Igoumenitsa and other towns have been mobilized to stop a new wave of violence, such as the last summer's event when a coast guard pig smashed the head of a Kurd on the road.


° Occupation of Exarcheia still goes on. All types of pigs patrol in the district, the pig helicopter flies close to the roof-tops and pigs with shot-guns block streets and make body and car checks. The occupation started when the citizens gathered on the square for the assembly and the heroin dealers had to leave. At once special pigs' forces surrounded the spot. The people, together with some heroin addicted who stood on the spot, started shouting anti repression slogans and the pigs had to leave and prove with their action that the state is the heroin dealer.


° Lootings in Athens: Tax Offices and ALUMIL company agency in Neos Kosmos district. The ALUMIL agency was owned by the president of the Greek Manufacturers' Union who was also kidnapped in the past. 1 luxurious vehicle in Chalandri district and 1 vehicle of the deplomatic agencies in Neo Psychiko district.