[B] Demonstration: We are one – against racism and police brutality!

We are one – against racism and police brutality! 1

Saturday 13.12.2014 at 2pm we are holding a commemomeration march for our beloved Sista Mimi who passed away on Wednesday 10th December, 2014. It is as well the date of the International Human Rights Day. The march will start at Oplatz and end in front of the school with a press conference.


Our strongest freedomfighter, Sista Mimi, died during the time when the district was conducting a fire protection operation in the occupied school – asissted by the police! The district did not inform the inhabitants of the school about their plan to enter the building at 5am together with the police. most of the people of the school were shocked by the high amount of police in the building entering and devastating their private rooms  –  without any authorization.


During the so called fire protection check of the school two refugee activists get arrested while being accused for crimes during the roof occupation in summer 2014. Also the police was asking in the school for Sista Mimi. our sista died the same day. On thursday during our commemoration infront of the school we were observed again by a high number of police officers that during the ceremony arrested another refugee activist of the school for the same reason. now, our three friends and comrades are in detention in Moabit (JVA)!


We have enough of this injustice and racist police violence!


We are sad for our sista and are as well worried about our friends in prison…


We choose to celebrate the strong spirit of Sista Mimi on Saturday 13th of December in order to show our solidarity as well to the National March on Police Violence taking place in Washington D.C. and all around the world.


Our soldarity is endless for all the victims of racism and racist police brutality! 


Stop the criminalization of the refugee movement!
Stop the eviction of the school!
Stop racism and racist police violence in Ferguson, Berlin and all over the world!
Bring your banners, candles and flowers!
Yallah, let’s join together as one voice on sturday for our commemoration march for sista mimi!