[B] Spontaneous protest in solidarity with all refugees

On Thursday (19.09.) around 21.30 we, a group of 40 people, marched through the Reichenberger Str, in Berlin-Kreuzberg to express solidarity with all refugees, especially the striking Non-Citizens who fought on two protest-marches to Munich for an end of their continuous oppression. Further we declare our solidarity with refugee-activist Patras Bwansi who is fighting on the streets of Berlin since 2012 for a decent life of all refugees in Germany and is now strongly threatened with deportation.


Patras Bwansi is threatened with deportation!

On Tuesday (17.09.) the Berlin “Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten” in corporation with the Landratsamt Passau cited Patras to their office to determine his process of deportation. Since the 21st February 2013 his deportation-notification is officially in effect, putting him at imminent risk of deportation.


Patras and his supporters see this process as a measure of political repression. Patras has made the clear decision to disobey the laws which are constantly neglecting his humanity and to break the rules they impose on him: He denies to live in any “Flüchtlingslager”, disregards the borders created by “Residenzpflicht” and refuses any cooporation with the racist “Ausländerbehörde”.


Patras has understood, that he can’t expect any solidarity from politicians or german administration and decided to sustain his fight self-organized with other refugees.

We declare our solidarity with his political protest und won’t accept any deportation attempts!

Cops mistreat Non-Citizens on their protest-march to Munich

Two non-citizen protest-marches started on 20th August from Bayreuth and Würzburg to Munich. The activists thereby proteste against the neglect of their basic human rights which they have to face due to their position in society, being members of the lowest social class.

Right after the beginning of their protest marches and on an ongoing, almost daily basis they were stopped by the police, who hit and partly arrested them and brought them back to their “Lager”. The reaction of the state towards the openly practiced insubordination of the refugee protest is the same that was shown one year before in Berlin: disregard of the political demands, threat of punishment and physical violence towards everyone who decided that their voice will not die away behind prison walls.

As long as the racist treatment of refugees continues their demands will remain the following:
1. Acceptance of all asylum application without any condition.
2. Stop deportation.
3. Abolish 'Residenzpflicht'
4. Close all asylum camps

Situation in Greece

The latest news from Greece make us sad and angry. In the night from last Tuesday to Wednesday (17.09.) the 34 year old antifascist Pavlos Fyssas got stabbed to death by a member of the greek neonazi –party “Goldene Morgenröte” in Athen. During the last months the racist agitation against migrants and sans-papiers is growing more acute. They and their supporters are being violently threatened by openly neofascist dumbasses. Our solidarity is therefore also with the fighting migrants and antifascists in Greece!