[Athens] Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted – biggest number of anarchists detained in 15 years

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UPDATE, 11.45 am. If the numbers of detentions are confirmed (101 in Villa Amalias and 40 at the Democratic Left) this would mean today’s police operation will have seen the biggest number of anarchists detained at least since the 1998 Polytechnic riots.

At approximately 07:30 on January 9, dozens of people re-squatted Villa Amalias this morning, hanging a banner writing: “Squat for Ever – Villa Amalias”. Almost immediately, riot police that encircled the building threw tear gas inside. At approximately 09:20, the police’s special forces (EKAM) smashed the building’s windows and raided it anew, detaining 101 people who was inside.


Meanwhile – at approximately the same time – around 40 anarchists in solidarity occupied the HQ of DIMAR (Democratic Left Party),  which participates in the governmental coalition. Police raided this building as well, detaining the occupiers.

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UPDATE, 16.00 From a phone call inside the Polytechnic: riot police and Delta have encircled the campus and police helicopters are hovering over it. It seems that a raid inside the Polytechnic might be imminent.

UPDATE, 15.55 pm In response to Skaramanga squat being raided by the police, people have started gathering at the Archeological Museum, on the opposite side of Patision Ave. The first 100 or so are there already and the number is increasing fast.

UPDATE, 15.50 pm Update on the arrested in Villa Amalias, the Democratic Left HQ and Skaramanga

UPDATE, 15.40 pm Video from inside Villa Amalias during its attempted re-occupation earlier on today.

UPDATE, 15.25 pm. Police have just raided the Skaramanga squat in Athens.

UPDATE, 15.20 pm. The people who were detained inside Villa Amalias were 92 in total. Another 40 people were detained inside the HQ of the Democratic Left party, but were released without charges