ALF Liberates Turtle in Mexico City

Anima Liberation Front

On November 30, 2012 we liberated a turtle from a pet store in the Forum Mall in Mexico City. We did this as a small gesture, out of our conviction for total liberation, taking action against this system of cages and bars.


We want to dedicate this action to the anarchist warrior Mario Antonio López, 'El Tripa', and also to the eco-anarchist warrior Braulio Duran, locked up in the Reclusorio Sur prison in Mexico City and in the CERESO in Leon, Guanajuato, respectively. We hope that within our ranks there is the ability to not only free the animals but also our imprisoned comrades.


Life should be able to develop in freedom and not be converted into a commodity. We oppose all forms of limitations imposed on us by this system which encourage submission and an artificial life maintaining the desire for money and power.


We believe that like humans, animals are not merchandise and we fight to destroy all cages.

Soon this turtle will be in a natural area where he/she can experience freedom and all the risks that come with it.


We also want to show solidarity with our comrades who came out on December 1st to destroy everything, breaking, attacking and burning everything that smells of domination, on the day that Peña Nieto took power. We know that the fight is against everything and not just against the president.


In solidarity with detainees and our moral support to the family of our comrade fallen in combat. There will be revenge when the heads of the police and powerful roll.

Total War.

For human, animal and earth liberation
If not us, who? If not now, when?

Animal Liberation Front


anonymous report, from Liberacion Total (translation):