Villa Amalias squat raided by cops. Two german comrades arrested

The most known greek squad was raided yesterday by the cops.


Two german comrades were arrested together with 6 more people that were found in the squat. The claims for the raid were ridiculous as were the findings of the police. Still they have the media on their side repeating every nonsense they get from the cops. Please spread this thing around (the fact that german citizens were included wil probably help you make this issue much more wide-known). We thank you in advance!


Solidarity, greek comrades

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the raid of the squat in greece comes one day after german antifascists, which are under police-obervation, start to write an article about the german ministry of interior's support of terrorist greek fascists. german ministry of interior financed terrorist nazigroups in germany, which have murdred at least ten people the last ten years, with hunded of thousands of euros. after the murder of alex g., german nazis of this network were seen in greece to support greek fascist organizations, while "ermbedded" german media trying to write a success-story of the fascist movement.

Dear "greek" comerades...


It´s not interesting that there are "german" comerades, this doesn´t change anything. I hope we will never accept boarders and the nationality is always completely unimportant. Villa Amalias is our house!. Not only the people visited this great project in Athens in the past should know about it´s importance..


And here on Linksunten you find information about this topic very soon after the raid. The article you find here..\. If you want you could add new informations and it will be translated into german as soon as possible into german.


In deep solidarity

Keep your hands off squats!

Immediate liberation of our comrades!