A/I needs you


How important is your mailbox from 1 to 10? How useful is your website from 1 to 100? And your blog, the mailing list you follow, the chat service? A/I has at least 10,000 users, about a million if we include mailing lists. In order to survive, to pay for its servers and connectivity, the A/I collective needs around 12,000 euro every year — it’d be 1.2 euro per user, if everybody remembered how necessary their donations are.


Investici Association’s Balance Sheet (Summary 2011):

  • Total donated amount: €6.500
  • Total costs: €12.000
  • Balance: €-5500


But the problem is that not everybody remembers it. In fact, not even a tenth of our users thinks of supporting us during the year. Yet, mailboxes are read every day, Noblogs is a very active blogging platform, not to mention websites, mailing lists and all the other services.


A/I’s services have now been further enriched: before we calculated our balance sheet, we wanted to introduce this new service as a new year’s present. But apparently 2012 might really be the year of the apocalypse, if you stop supporting us. Therefore the new service will be available anyway, but we needed to stress that this technological gadget and all the others offered by A/I could vanish in the air if you don’t answer this call.


That said, here’s our new service: a brand new VPN, to be used in those emergency situations when you desperately need to communicate with the rest of the world, but the surrounding circumstances make this impossible, substantially because the web is censored and it is absolutely necessary to anonymize your connection. You will find all the information you need here:


You will find A/I’s VPN here!
To learn what’s a VPN and how to use it, go here!

So our resistant network has one more service: use it carefully, and meanwhile remember to support A/I — for our project is not only made by chips and cables, but also by its community, and without your help it risks to die for lack of resources.


January 2012

Autistici-Inventati Collective

VPN: https://vpn.autistici.org/

Donations: http://www.autistici.org/donate