Solidarity with the activists in Amsterdam

Solidarity with the activistis in Amsterdam

We show our solidarity with all the activists who were arrested in Amsterdam in course of the "Code Rood" climate camp. The protests were directed against the Dutch company Nuon, which belongs to the Vattenfall Group. At present, about a dozen people are still in prison for undetermined time.


Koblenz sends greetings to Amsterdam.

With a spontaneous demonstration today (28.06), about 20 activists in Koblenz set a sign to show solidarity with all the people who have taken their protests to the streets of Amsterdam against climate change and capitalism. Especially with those who are imprisoned under dignified conditions.

Also people from Koblenz support the protest.

At the moment, there are still activistis in prison.
The duration of this measure is still unknown.
They are accused of trespassing and using violence against goods.

We as the ARK see this measure as pure chic and as abuse of the power of the repressive organs there.

Currently, local people continue to protest against the imprisonment and demand immediate release for the prisoners.


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