Gambian Diplomats Break Ranks With President Jammeh

Adama Barrow was declared winner of the election.

(JollofNews) – Eleven high profile Gambian diplomats have called on President Yahya Jammeh to accept the outcome of the presidential election and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to President-Elect Adama Barrow.

In an open letter to the Gambian leader,  the ambassadors including Dembo M. Badgie​ in Beijing, MomodouBadgie​ in Ankara, Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding​ in London, Dr. Mamadou Tangara in New York, Momodou Aki Bayo​ in Moscow, Teneng Mba Jaiteh​ in Brussels, Momodou Pa Njie​​ in Dakar,  Lang Yabou​​ in Madrid,  Masanneh N. Kinteh​​ in Havana, Abdou Jarju​​​​ in Bissau and Mass Axi Gai​​​​ in Addis Ababa said Mr Jammeh’s rejection of the election results has the potential of undermining the peace and stability that the Gambia is renowned for.

They implore him to consider their plea which is aimed at achieving the greater good for the Gambia.

“We the ambassadors of the Gambia representing our nation overseas, extend our thanks and appreciation to your Excellency, the government and people of the Gambia for the smooth and peaceful conclusion of the December 1st presidential elections which you described as transparent, free and fair,” the diplomats wrote.

“Both local and international election observers also certified the whole process as credible. Your statesmanly and televised acceptance of the election results in favour of the coalition candidate on December 2nd, was acclaimed and applauded throughout the world.”

They added: “The fact that you further congratulated Mr. Barrow on his victory and assured him of your support and guidance was testimony to the fact that you care for the progressive development of the Gambia in a peaceful and orderly transition. Many of us have received commendations on your behalf in our various jurisdictions from individuals and institutions citing your action as the dawn of a new era in African politics and democracy.

“Your Excellency, we were taken aback by your pronouncement on national television on December 9th, rejecting the results. This new position of Your Excellency has the potential of undermining the peace and stability that the Gambia is renowned for.

“Your Excellency, in the light of the foregoing, we the Ambassadors of the Gambia, strongly appeal for you to accept the choice of the Gambian people and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to the President-elect, Mr. Adama Barrow.”

The diplomats applauded the efforts of the international community especially the UN, AU and ECOWAS mission headed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia to bring about a peaceful resolution of the current political impasse in our the Gambia.

Meanwhile, the diplomats have congratulated President-elect Adama Barrow on his election victory.

In the letter, the diplomats wrote: “It is with honour that we the Ambassadors of The Gambia representing our country overseas, extend our congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency, following your victory in the December 1st Presidential Elections which has been described as transparent, free, fair and credible by both local and international election observers.

“Your Excellency, the Gambian people have spoken, and your victory is a manifestation of their trust and confidence that we must all acknowledge and accept as“vox populi, vox Dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God).

“To the international community, the peaceful and democratic elections, which is the precursor to your presidency, has been received with euphoria and hope for political and economic partnerships. As patriotic servants of the Gambia, it is our pledge and desire to contribute our quota to the expansion and consolidation of meaningful international dialogue and cooperation for the benefit of the Gambia.

“In addition, we seize this opportunity to assure your Excellency and the coalition of our support and collaboration. We pray to Allah the Almighty to grant Your Excellency and team the guidance and wisdom to fulfill the duties and responsibilities bestowed on you by your election to the highest office in the land. May Almighty Allah continue to grant Your Excellency and the Gambian Nation continuous good health, long life, peace, greater protection, prosperity and success. “

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by Jollof Media Network, December 19, 2016

(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has recalled his representative in the United States after he endorsed the election of Adama Barrow.

Sheikh Omar Faye, who was appointed to the top job in June 2015, is the first Gambian diplomat to openly recognised Adama Barrow, who was declared winner of the December 1st disputed presidential election.

His boss, President Yahya Jammeh who has governed the Gambia since July 1994 is disputing the election results and has petitioned the country’s supreme court to declare them null and void.

Commenting on his sudden sacking, Mr Faye wrote on his Facebook page: “I would like to inform my friends, colleagues, and all Gambians that I have been recalled for home service. I will handover in line with Foreign Service Regulations ( FSR). At the same time, I hope and pray H.E President Yahya Jammeh will likewise handover to President Elect Adama Barrow and respect the will of the people of The Gambia and the constitution.”

While thanking Mr Jammeh for giving him the opportunity to serve as Gambia’s representative in the United States of America, he called on Gambian officials including civil servants and military personnel to protect the security, peace and prosperity of the country.

“We should all work together to ensure that the peace our beloved country is known for is not compromised. The Gambian people, its history, and above all God, the Almighty will judge us.  Let us all side with justice and the will of our people,” he added.
Ambassador Faye with President Barack Obama

“On 19th January 2017 God willing, Mr. Adama Barrow will become the third President of the Republic of the Gambia and we all should rally behind him for the benefit of our beloved country. We should all forget personal ambitions and strive towards maintaining the peace and social cohesion of our beloved country.

“As a former military officer, I was taught loyalty to country first. I hope the armed and security forces will uphold the will of the Gambian people made on 1st December 2016. The current Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General Ousman Bargie , the Deputy-Chief of Defense Staff General Yankuba Drammeh, and several  active and retired officers who served with me both in Yundum and Kudang camps can bear witness to the patriotism of our forces.

“I hope the Gambian Armed and Security Forces will do the right thing by standing with the People of The Gambia, maintain peace, and prevent any usurpation of power. They owe that to the people of the Gambia, to history, and to God, the Almighty.”

Ambassador Faye has held another of senior government positions in the regime of Yahya Jammeh including minister of Youth, Sports, and Religious Affairs, deputy Chief of Mission in Mauritania and Chargé d’Affaires at the Gambian Embassy in Washington.

Prior to entering public service as a civilian, Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye served in the Gambian Military for 14 years, and retired in 1995 with the rank of major.