Arson attack on k-fetisch


On the night between Sunday 11th and Monday the 12th of December an arson attack was made against the leftwing café collective "k-fetisch" (Wildenbruchstraße). The incendiary device had been put under a shutter that was broken open. Only due to fortunate circumstances did the fire go out before it could reach the interior of the building. The café is located on the ground floor of a big residential building, many people’s lives were seriously put at risk by the assault.


Since quite some time militant neo-Nazis have "k-fetisch" and other leftist locations in their sight. Recently the so-called Free Forces Neukölln (Freie Kräfte Neukölln) published a list of such places. Over the last few months several people in Neukölln considered as political opponents by the Nazis had their windows smashed and their cars burnt.


If you have noticed something or have been personally affected by the attack please contact us.