Rightwing Populist event in Mettmann

Antifaschistische Aktion

Upcoming Friday 2. October 2015 the rightwing populist party "Alternative für Deutschland" will hold an indoor event at "Wyndham Garden Hotel" Peckhauser Str.5, in the city of Mettman, ZIP Code 40822. The "AfD" will most likely spread rightwing propaganda and agitate against refugees. No one less than country spokesperson and representative at the european parliament Marcus Pretzell is expected as a spokesperson.


There are people who will decicively stand against the propagandistic event and call on everyone to contact Hotel "Wyndham Garten" in Mettmann (http://www.wyndhamgardenmettmann.com/contact) or to adress the headquarters of the hotel chain directly, email: info@grandcityhotels.com


In case of the event to be hosted and actively supported by the well known Hotel, they will call for effective interventions. They advise the Hotel not only for reasons of their own image to resign from the event and to withdraw the contract with the populist rightwing party. According to their opinion this should happen because they wouldn't be able to provide for a sufficient security for the guests at this very occasion.



Autonome Antifaschisten aus Nordrhein-Westfalen

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