Berlin: Arson Sabotage of a Deutsche Telekom Car

Telekom-Auto Berlin

The Deutsche Telekom has more skeletons in the closet than anyone we could talk about. Many of us have already brought to light some of its dirt. Tonight (3/1) we paid a visit to Telekom on Hausburgstraße (a street in the district of Friedrichshain), notably in the context of the European Police Congress. Telekom has made profits for decades in the field of military equipment and armament.

Also, concerning the interception of telecommunications, Telekom together with its subsidiary companies T-Mobile and T-Systems is one of the top players in its field. Accordingly, the firm on its official website boasts about the data processing and linking for cops as well as its mobile systems for screening people at the service of federal cops, in order to be able to protect the German borders even more effectively. Similarly, the Telecom enterprise is involved in the construction of warships.

If that’s not enough, you should check out the working conditions at the subsidiaries of Telekom abroad, for example in the telecommunications organization OTE in Greece.

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