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There will be a news ticker as you know it from the 13th of February for activities against the "Tag der deutschen Zukunft" (Tddz, can be translated as 'Day of The German Future') that is scheduled by nazist forces on the 7th of June. We want to support you with informations to make you able to make yourself an image of the happenings as a basis for self-determined action.

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You can reach the ticker via:   for Smartphones, Tablets... for old WAP-Handys

Whoever plans to effectively oppose the nazis with a political affinity group needs comprehensive, profound and safe information. The Antifascist Information Service will, take care of this, just the way we've done it throughout the last years on 13th of February, cooperating with Indymedia linksunten.

Our focus lies on blockades, police movement and nazi activities. The informations of our ticker are supposed to enable activists to make themselves a clear image of the situation in the field so they can organize their day independently and prevent nazis activities as planned through diverse and resolute counteraction.

The "Tag der deutschen Zukunft" took place in five different cities in northern germany until now. This year, the nazis try to implement the concept in Dresden. Once again, they want to bring their inhuman ideology of "Überfremdung"* to the people. instead of playing the victim card, like they do on 13th of February, their intent here is to "set a sign" for their more than dreadful message. By making up a scenario of so called "Ausländergewalt" (violence coming from immigrants), they try to conceal their own brutality and the countless numbers of murders comitted by neonazis. One should stand against this - well informed.

Regarding the forces behind the TddZ, we are talking about so-called autonomous nationalists and neonazi-"Kameradschaften"** that are characterized by aggressive demeanor and a high propensity to violence. So be careful, don't go out on the road alone and keeps your eyes open, also before and after the demonstration(s).

Due to the policy of secrecy - which is pretty characteristic for the city government, there are a lot of rumours about a potential place for the nazist demonstration. The only thing that can be said for sure is that the nazis are gonna be arriving via train and cars. It is not unlikely that one of the rail stations in Dresden will serve as a meeting point to gather the ones that arrive via train and those that arrive by car.The happenings on this years' 12th of February have shown that a lot of nazis can be coordinated even without public mobilisation, so take a city map with you. As soon as there will be any closer information depending the place of the demonstration or any nazi activities in general, you will find them on our ticker.

We think that, just as in our everyday confrontation and analysis with the conditions that surround us, on big happenings like this, the self-determined thinking and acting of individual activists should be the basis of our collective efforts. So: set up affinity groups, prepare well, take care of each other and know your limits.

All of our information depending locations will refer to the action maps. So take some prints with you to be able to find the grid square references that are gonna be posted in square brackets behind the location. Please consider that there may be some short-term changes with the maps, so printing the maps short-term may be better.

Be precautious with the use of cellphones, as there already have been and probably will be radio cell inquiries. We strongly recommend you to buy cell phones for demonstrations that are solely used on such occasions and cannot be linked to you. Keep in mind that you need at least a wap-compatible cell phone to be able to follow our ticker on the road.

Take care of yourself an have an action- and sucessfull day in Dresden!

*a feeling of being confronted and 'overwhelmed' by immigrants and their culture(s), could loosely be translated as 'foreign infiltration', a word by word translation would be 'superalienation'
**based on the german word for 'comradship', a "Kameradschaft" is an association of (young) neonazis; they are organised autonomously and locally and also focus on local activities, but are loosely interconnected with each other and gather at big events