Krawalle und Sabotage auf die 1. Mai. demo (Barcelona)

1. Mai in Barcelona. Quelle: Fotomovimiendo,

Mindestens drei Geldautomaten wurden während der 1. Mai-Demo verbrannt. Auch Immobilienfirmen, Luxushotels und Luxusautos wurden angegriffen. Diese Aktionen waren aber zu chaotisch und die Leute konnten den ersten Polizeiangriff nicht aufhalten. Deshalb diese relative Niederlage der anarchistischen Gruppen, die die Demo organisiert haben. Das wurde kritisch reflektiert.



Hier auf englisch die Gedanken des anarchistischen Kollektivs:


Press release from the organizers of the Anarchist Bloc after the events
in the demonstration of 1st May 2014 in Barcelona.

(published on Indymedia Barcelona in Catalan and Spanish.)

The worst capitalist crisis since 1929 , the worst attack by our ‘masters’ on our lives since the Second World War has created a situation of slow death , individual and collective depression , material and emotional poverty, and also rage, which now extends into ever larger parts of the population. In this context , social conflict and manifestations arise from every pore of the social body. From Rio de Janeiro to Athens, from Sarajevo to London, the streets are sometimes burning .

It is not just a matter of the initiative of one or another but a result of a widespread social condition, generating tensions created by the decisions and policies of the owners of this world. The question for those fighting against this dominant barbarism is how to organize this rage, to give it the practical and theoretical means to be more effective in our fight against exploitation and poverty , and create the possibility of a world of freedom and equality .

Now is the time for action ; Now is the time to organize and generalize the conflict; now is the time to stop respecting the laws and norms that legitimize and ensure the daily violations imposed by capital and its political allies. Only those who are complicit in the spoils of the state and capital in our lives , or those who are so scared they cannot face the tremendous task of organizing the revolutionary process that society needs , can issue ” condemnations of violence ‘, or characterize attacks on banks and the police as ” vandalism ” or criminal actions.

Only those who postpone forever the insurrection of the slaves , the oppressed of this world, who try to disengage from the barricades that arise increasingly in the streets. If not now , when? Obviously , the immediate need is to create groups and events for socialized resistance , without the permission of our adversaries , but not to say that “anything goes” and that any act and time of attack is timely .

“This improvisation has cost us dearly , ” said our historical companions in these same streets we walk on , and they were absolutely right . We must leave behind the spontaneity and worship of individualized attack, regardless of the others or the consequences. We must take our duties and our desires seriously.
And this is true for both the Mayday 2014 demonstration in Barcelona and for any other occasion . We do not condemn any act of resistance and defend their
ethical and political legitimacy. We never dissociate ourselves from these acts , but we question their strategies and tactics , considering when they are wrong .


And this we do not only for the demonstration of Mayday but also for all the other occasions and collective uprisings that are coming , which are surely coming .

For our part,we believe that we have not managed to channel the prevailing rage, to the point of seeing ourselves overwhelmed by the situation. We attribute this to our inability and lack of internal organization , which we must work on , so that on future occasions we can be abreast of the circumstances of the moment. As organizers of the Libertarian Block, we worked to promote social and collective self-defense , which is also one of the seeds of the revolutionary society we want to create, based on solidarity , horizontality and mutual support against the dictates of state and capital.

There’s no doubt that those who have fallen into the hands of our enemies, including those arrested in this latest demonstration , have our full support. We demand their release, because if the fight for freedom is considered a crime it is the crime of all of us.

For the Social Revolution. For Freedom.
Barcelona, ​​May 1, 2014

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Gracias Companera/o !

"libertarians" not beeing able "to channel" rage because of a lack of "internal organisation"?? i hope this rage will never be channeled and i am afraid you are mixing something up pretty dangerously

At least in Barcelona, where the "hit&run" tactic during big demos has become part of the normality, seems that more organisation is needed in order to go further in our attacks. Destroying banks and other capitalism structures/symbols is not enough... we need to be able to attack and also to defend our demos, we want to create situations where we have the chance to hold a confrontation with the cops and allow more people to join the clashes. We want to extend the riots beyond the point of a bunch of sabotages, and not only during general strikes.


The 1st of may demo there were like 200 hundred hooded and active comrades carrying actions. Having such poential, it was very sad and annoying to run from the cops and let them break our block.


(We share this discussion here in linksunten in order to share our points of view, knowing that german comrades have the good habit of discussing about tactic and strategy)


Viele Gruße.


Actualment el nostre moviment no està en una posició per fer un insurreció real amb una perspectiva realista. Per tant hauriem de posar a lluites reals (en la fàbrica, escola, universitat, barri, cultura...) per convèncer la gent de les nostres idees. A través d'aquests simulacions insurrecionals moltes persones són dissuadits al moment perquè no poden fer front a aquesta situació o (encara) no volen.