Realtime news reports from the streets in Greece

22:28 [Athens] 65 detentions and 5 arrests in total from the protests in Athens [twitter]

22:05  [Athens] According to reports cops attacked protesters in Mavromichali  street (Exarchia) with teargas. Squads are heading towards Exarchia  square #antireport [twitter]
21:49 [Athens] Over 20 detentions in #Athens until now. #revoltgr #antireport [twitter]
21:29  [Athens] Fire in garbage bins in Exarcheia Square. Cops in various  peripheral strees for the moment #antireport [twitter]
21:19 [Athens] 2 riot police squads are moving from Mavromichali street to Kallidromiou street.
21:16 [Athens] Estimates of attendance at tonight's anti-fascist rally in #Athens range from 25-100k. Likely biggest/most diverse since #KillahP's murder [twitter ]


21:10 [Athens] Protesters throw crates and stones to the squad in the parliament's yard  #KillahP #antireport


21:04 [Chania] The demo is in front of the offices of Golden Dawn #rbnews  #antireport #KillahP #Chania #Greece   [twitter - @fEmma_fatale]
20.50 [Athens] Delta police entered within the body of the demonstration with their motocycles []
20.40 [Athens] Police attacking a big portion of the demo.
20:40  [Athens] Cops attacked the protesters and they are heading towards  Exarcheia. In Papadiamantopoulou street 20 DELTA police motorcycles are  hidden.
20:34 [Athens] The cops are throwing teargas at Alexandras in between the cars. Big danger there.
20:30 [Ioannina] Approximately 1000 protesters at the workers antifascist march in Ioannina [twitter]
20:23 [Athens] Generalized attack from the cops. Teargas and grenades. Molotov and rocks the response from the people.
20:06 [Athens] Anarchist blocks in front of the american embassy. The cops provoke.
20:06 [Athens] The demonstration is approaching the police blockade.
20:03 [Athens] Police blockade at the intersection of Ilidos and Michalakopoulou streets, appr. 500 meters from the GD headquarters
19.53 [Athens] Riot police in front of the demonstration which has entered the Mesogeion avenue [98fm]

19:30 [Mytilene] A demo will begin shortly with approximately 300  protesters. [98fm]
19.13 [Athens] Riot police across Mesogion avenue, protecting Golden Dawn's headquarters. 5 nazis on the balcony of their building and 2-3 on the groundfloor chating with the cops
19:11 [Athens] The march is slowly going towards the offices of Golden Dawn. The number of protesters is really big. Probably cops will stop the march before arriving at the offices
19.00 [Athens] Noted by several demonstrators that mainstream media are not welcome to the demo and there are efforts by demonstrators to prevent them covering the demontration and filming faces of the protesters
19.00 [Athens] Antiracist group in the start of the demo. Reports for large numbers of riot police in the parallel roads. Demonstrators rather numb [98fm]
18:55 [Athens] Already and without any provocation from the protesters the cops proceed into provocative detentions (15 until now among them one reporter who was covering the big antifascist demonstration) [98fm]
18.50 [Athens] The offices of Golden Dawn look deserted. The police is guarding the area around them [twitter]

18:42 [Athens] Participation at the march is about 18.000-20.000. Right now the march is at Syntagma, where political parties are gathered. More people are coming and strengthens the lines [indymedia]
18:40 [Athens] The first estimates talk about more than 15.000 protesters. The march stopped at Syntagma because people are arriving constantly [twitter]
18:30 [Athens] The march arrived at Louloudadika, and the riot police have left from Georgiou A street.
18.20  [Athens] The Antifa march has already arrived in front of the  Parliament and continues into central roads. Many antifascist and  anti-government slogans [from 98fm]


18:07  [Athens] A squad is checking Rocinante (anarchosyndicalist group) at  Themistocleous street for banners, stakes, IDs, etc.[twitter]


17:50 [Athens] Riot police adduct 2 protesters at Akadimias str., behind Propilea (yard of the uni of Athens and place where demonstrators gather) because they had protection masks [twitter]

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