Neonazi Band GOATPENIS on Tour


The brazilian neonazi black metal band GOATPENIS is right now in Europe on tour. Antifascists should join together to mobilize against the concert venues to shut these nazi-concerts down! Find some research we have done, trying to highligth the problematic aspects of the european concerts of these facists.


Members of GOATPENIS are part of the brazilian right wing skinhead scene and sympathize with neonazis. In youtube-videos members wear shirts of the greek nazi-band DER STÜRMER and they signed a contract with neonazistic music-publisher „Satanic Skinhead Propaganda“ (see picture) from the United States. GOATPENIS' 2002 Cd was titled „Trotz Verbot nicht tot“ („not dead, although forbidden“) which is a often used Slogan by neonazis and was originally invented by Hitlers' minister of propaganda Josef Goebbels.


Tomorrow, 16th May GOATPENIS will play with the french black metal band HATS BARN in Waregem in Belgium.

Gasolina Club Waregem

Vijfseweg 230

8793 Waregem - Belgium


The day after, 17th May GOATPENIS will play together with GÖATULISTUM (or better known as BOTULISTUM) in the Gonz Club in Goudam in the Netherlands


Turfsingel 36

Gouda – Holland



In Holland GOATPENIS plays with BOTULISTUM. We are not sure whether they should be taken serious. At least they have some affinity with nazism, as they use the altered versions of the SS-skull on one of the black sun, which is used as an alternative for the forbidden swastika on one of their shirts. (see picture)


Organized is the whole thing by Sküll Sessiön Fest, who usually organize unpolitical Death Metal Concerts and which is also run by the belgian graphic-art-student Sarah V.N. [edit: after the first posting, a Sarah V.N. contacted She categorically denies any part in the organizing of these parties and claims being just a visitor].


Besides that the dutch Black Metal labels The Ritual Productions and New Era Productions support the concerts. The latter published a CD, among others, by the right wing-friendly dutch band WELTBRAND, as they signed a contract later with the german neonazistic WTC Records. New Era Productions published in 2010 a full-length album by the dutch Nazi Band NSDAP (which actually is the short form for Hitler's Nazi-Party) with the title „Execution of the Weak!“, showing the fences of a concentration camp on the cover (see picture). Besides that Ritual Prod. released albums of the dutch NSBM (national socialist black metal) band BLACK SEPTEMBER and re-released demos of the old polish band LORD OF EVIL (see picture), that changed their name to WAR88 by now, to demonstrate their support for nationalsocialist ideas.


German NSBM label Darker Than Black Records around Neonazi Hendrik Möbus (see picture) support the organizers and printed T-Shirts extra for the european tour of GOATPENIS. Möbus is one of the central organizer and coordinators of NSBM shows and merchandise in middle Europe, was in prison twice for his political believes and works again and again with organized neo-facists.


On 19th May GOATPENIS will play along with others at the Deathcult festival in Germany, where also right-wing friendly black metal bands play. The whole festival is organized in co-operation with the german neonazi-label WTC Records of Sven Zimper, who plays in one of the most famous NSBM band ABSURD.






Ritual Prod.


Darker Than Black


Skull Sessions


New Era Prod.