ALF attacked fur shops in Spain, Canada & USA.


ALF-Activists attacked fur shops in Spain, Canada & USA.

Spain, anonymous report:

"Some fur shops have been spray painted recently in Zaragoza (Spain). One of them (La campana de oro) has been active for the last 186 years. But this week is its last due to economic problems."



received anonymously:

"Rebel Wolf has surfaced in Ontario and carried out a soft hit in broad
daylight with the local police station directly behind him as he locked
down the target Simcoe Furriers in Oshawa. This is only the beginning >>>




According to local media, during the night of February 9-10, "murder" was painted on the side of Cownie Furs in Des Moines, Iowa, and three windows and three glass doors were broken. The fur store is owned by Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie.