Hungerstreik in der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft (Lager) in Mannheim

Refugees Welcome

Press Declaration
In the summer 2010 I have left Afghanistan because I was in danger of life. The Taliban killed people of our village in the streets and on the fields.
Since October 2010 I have been living in Germany. Two and a half years ago I made an application for asylum to the „ Zentrale Aufnahmestelle“ (ZAST) in Karlsruhe. Since I have had my interview at the ZAST the authorities did not react. I have been waiting now for two and a half years being also without job. But the auctorities have not decided on my application yet.

Now my lawyer has taken action against the responsible authorities because of their inactivity. It is still uncertain how long it will last.
But I cannot wait any longer and therefore I started a hunger strike to protest against this inactivity on February 5th. Hereby I will make the auctorities to decide quickly. I want to continue my hunger strike until I receive a result.
I want to stay in Germany and live and work over here without fear and insecurity.

Massihollah S.

Mannheim 7. February, 2013