[Athen] Anarchistischen Organisation "Wild Freedom", übernimmt die Verantwortung für Athens Mall Bombe

Eine Organisation, die sich "Wild Freedom - Veranstalter der sozialen Explosionen" - "Partnerschaft von anarchistischen Organisationen" übernimmt die Verantwortung für die Bombe in der Athener Mall am vergangenen Sonntag. In einer langen Erklärung auf der Website Indymedia, der Organisation die zum ersten Mal in Erscheinung getreten ist, wird geschrieben:
-Das Ziel war die Mall, die symbolisch den unmenschlichen Kapitalismus und die Vermischung von Politik, Wirtschaft und Gerechtigkeit repräsentiert und darüber hinaus, weil es einem Unternehmen gehört, dessen Eigentümer Geld während der Nazi-Besatzung machte.
- Die Organisation wollte keine Opfer deshalb wählte sie den  Sonntagmorgen für die Explosion und machten vier Warnanrufe:
"Wir haben das The Mall Security-Unternehmen, Eleftherotypia [Zeitung], Zougla.gr [Website] und Pontiki [wöchentliches politisches Magazine] angerufen. Der Pontiki Netzbetreiber betrachtete den Warnruf  als Farce ... "
- 'Ablenkung der Aufmerksamkeit "war einer ihrer beiden Ziele, die Lagarde Liste und jeder Skandal ist ein kleines Beispiel für den            " Zerfall der Administratoren  dieser Welt".
- Die Organisation nimmt Bezug auf die  Räumungen in Athen.
"Wir sind Anarchisten, Anti-Staat und Feinde der Demokratie
- Die Organisatioon klagt das ganze politische System an und bekundet seine Sympathien mit den Gefangen in Griechenland und weltweit.
Bekennerschreiben in englisch:
Was more than expected that the choice of this objective will provide enough food for slander on the part of power. Victims wanted terrorists? Their goal is terrorizing society And what succeeded, what has all this meaning and what moral values ​​and what may have these people to strike a trade, yes even a brand! endanger small children?

Anyway we were always on the other side ... and our question is what values ​​and what frayed misguided moral tolerate the existence of monstrosities like the Mall; goal of course is presented as an organized recreation, shopping, fun rides and unsalted. A little oasis in the modern nightmare. But is it really?

Because for us behind the windows that broke unfolds a different story. An economic giant that is convenient double the power and capitalism. Brings money and satisfy the thirst of greedy misanthrope and the other sinks in apathy and ignorance in exchange for a few moments counterfeit emotion, false satisfaction and totalitarian control. A tale that cleverly prevents indifferent consuming to make themselves the simple question: The movie I see, drink the drink, the shirt you buy is actually a more innocent and carefree time of my day?
Because if someone look a little better, you will find the hidden pieces of a puzzle a little foul, a mosaic of blood, pain and slaughter people from another world, a "lesser god". Why are the four components of the much desired growth and economic prosperity. If we insist on seeing some flashy displays, catchy films and engage in loose chitchat with cool coffee then the sensitivity and honesty enough to where it reaches the eyes. For us the mall and each mall is huge cemetery people and true values. For it and hit it.

Parallel worlds ...

Violence, exploitation and pillage of entire populations in "developing countries" as provocatively calls the toughest soils exploited by the capitalist elite, is a condition in which few seem to care and even fewer can do against this.

Once the managers of multinational corporations and their legal mobsters strong economic lobby wash their hands with the blood of economic slaves, NGOs apenochopoioun mass extermination carried through philanthropic programs and humanitarian campaigns.

The foundations of the shopping centers are buried murdered by capitalism.
Millions of workers including children murdered annually to an "accident."

Workers at dozens of suicide in the factories of Foxconn as they made their glamorous products of Apple.

Animals skinned alive to make fur after a torturous life encapsulated in cages as products.

Starving children in the "third world" to become cheap labor producing the raw materials of artificial consumer evdaimonismou.

People dismembered fragments of bombs and machine guns in the military operations of NATO involved and the Greek state.

All of them have tons of cement bazothei and groomed by light commercials to forget, disoriented ...

The malls are controlled industries and desires for their sweatshop wage slavery. So are built like concentration camps, with surveillance cameras and private cops to sweep the whole space. All behaviors necessarily revolve around eating. In this prison are supposedly free visitors accustomed and adapted to power. The malls have a central position in the submission of the audit culture. The Mall at our attack is a blow to the sovereignty of the norm, a blow to police supervision and prohibitions, proving that the determination and resourcefulness of the revolutionary people is stronger than the control.

The Mall, the largest shopping center in Southeast Europe, was built as an Olympic project on land granted by the State in exchange for the 15-day housing for Olympic journalists who incidentally never happened since the project was not completed. The way they interrelate underground bridges leading to the parking lot of the lines of electric and suburban railways and roads leading to it deliberately, rather symbolizes how intertwined the economic and the political and judicial powers. Is the task of Lamda Development Company owned by Latsis financial empire, which prospered during the German occupation.

The time of the attack ...

The targeting we chose had one peculiarity. It is a huge shopping center in which moves too many people who in any case - and to be clear-this is not our goal. We did not want in any way to suffer the slightest passing a random man. Reasonable collateral damage or perceptions consecration of purpose, reflect the thinking and action of states and powers, not anarchists. The slanderous accusations return to public administrators and the press mob, although their violence is anything but blind is, unlike so massive that no statistics will never be able to define.

The partners involved in the business, placed the explosive device in the glove compartment of an advertising kiosk ensuring that it will not tampered with by someone accidentally. The stupidity of the mechanism to fit in container or in a prominent position is part of state propaganda.

We gave ample time for evacuation of ensuring the integrity of any happened to be found within. Also the day and time that chosen (Sunday morning) was appropriate because due to the low turnout (closed shops - some time before starting the projections) evacuation would surely did. It is settled principle we should not put at any risk lives random people even if it means discounting the measures of our own security.

The warning calls were made simultaneously with the placement of another partner with whom he was in hotline comrades who made the placement. Once alerted police comrades who did the installation still remained there, so do not let a minute expose the explosive device. In this case were taken 4 phone calls warning: the security service and the Mall in Media, zougla.gr, free press, and newspaper Mouse which the staff treat it as farce, proving that this irresponsible attitude could-if we we were not proactive-cost lives.

All this is recorded while exposing our operational rationales mechanisms of repression for two main reasons. One is that we need to answer the vile lies of journalists. The other and most important thing is that this action is a project, an example. To make some comrades in the future without corresponding action to take necessary precautionary measures (different in each case) would be out of their criminal negligence and our responsibility.

Unless of course the vile propaganda on blind terrorism came to the fore again karamelitsa disorientation. So to finish this issue the "disorientation" is one of the two goals. It goes without saying that we want to turn our attention away from the list and each Lagarde scandal because all these are a tiny sample of the rottenness of the managers of our world. Not participate in games institutional corruption and collusion. Neither course will allow ourselves to become victims of their own machines mass distraction like the carefree shopping spree and cafes koloemporikou. The second objective is to reorient the thinking where we believe it makes sense. On the way to a total rupture with all authority.


The prevailing condition of mazikopoiimenou culture creates constantly needs of prisoners, their increasingly pushes through advertising funds shops and services aimed on the one hand the movement of the market, and secondly, the stupefaction and entrapment in a shape work-consumption-work. Capitalism feeds on materials painkillers his prisoners in order to heal the spiritual, mental poverty.
The fact that the malls are filled with people only grief can offer us.
Crowd gives himself a ride in a shopping center, an escape from the work week in the world of commodities. In hopes fade on the boards of prices.

Front of the windows of the eyes dreaming markets, more money and ultimately melancholy can not buy. Antidepressants and dives from the rooftops unfortunate people is not an issue in the news or "sensitive" sociological analyzes. Are the results of an addicted world where no money for dose, commits suicide.

The malls are symbols of capitalist societies, the temples of consumption, exploitation and subjugation centers. Thousands have fun, eat, hang them icily indifferent to the "bloody" products purchased from the shelves of child oppression. They refuse to listen to the "accidental shootings" of police weapons, machinery factories that melt people literally and mentally in hell of modern slavery. They live in the fishbowl of personalization.

The spread of consumerism in the past decades held a massive exploited passive. The bourgeois dream combined with continued state terrorism brought social disintegration. The carrot and the stick. Inside the poisonous fog of alleged social peace prepared unlimited squeezed workers, the extermination of most poor, pillage every untapped gas field, the generalization of brutal repression, the most vile propaganda has been so far.

From 90 locals and Western Europeans sapiokoiliades prosper from the exploitation of immigrants in conditions terror. Since the bombing, the uprooting. From starvation, slavery. Since the famine, the fascist purges. All kinds of bosses the arm tsoglanakia slaughtering the weakest. The Democrats of the government organize the racist control. The avlokolakes worried about losing investment after recent dissident aggressive actions, are used to xerogleifoun bloody knives like this that killed Sachtzat Loukman.

In most consumer paradise obsessed excess. It is unproductive and wear the hypocritical faith in the urban dream. To maintain showcase market and brought the fear of punishment within each compartment of the diocese of those implicated with their existence cause aversion to the conservative instincts. Featuring images from example positive women presented as outbreaks of unsuspecting and peaceful household used a little mistake did steal a few moments of pleasure by taking advantage of the weakness. Start a modern apartheid against socially marginalized. The priests of the economy want to feel guilty for oppressing us, we step over corpses to remain in the game market and we are useless suicide when their world.

And here are born with survival instincts imbued poisons patriotic screaming for many migrants who close their jobs. In social Colosseum slaves battling each other until the end.

The world of resistance and rebellion

The story does not end in the freezing time of shopping centers. The accumulated returns every state violence as its sender. Clashes with the riot, arson in selected targets of sovereignty, spontaneous attacks on politicians, blockades and occupations, armed actions. After the rebellion of '08 outbreaks resistance multiplied. Bosses fear antithesmikes cracks. And fear more solidarity and organized our counterattack. Vomit one culvert tromolagneias to disperse their own fears in society. Characterize every terrorist act that opposes their laws, a bombing attack by a strike, to justify the mobilization of their terrorist methods. A supportive psychological war the armies of police dogs sweep the streets. They aim to consolidate a regime of fear in parts of the society who experience the misery and the devaluation of their lives and ranked on the list of possible suspects to a rebellious condition.

We hear calls for dakryvrechtes smoothness and seeing the occupation army and pogroms in the city center, occupying army within universities, military occupation in Exarchia occupation army in Halkidiki for the gold industry contractors. Hit neighborhoods of immigrants and rebellion? Want looted sites? Beat the mechanisms. And strengthens all the struggles against authority.

For a long time the government had announced a general invasion of the occupying guilds to katileimmenous self-organized spaces, attempted through the holidays. The ultimate aim of this strategy is the dissolution of collectives resistance. Dreaming isolation of anarchists, to eliminate the prospect of meeting a subversive liberation of all oppressed moods. Seek to isolate each person who rebels to escalate the exploitation, alienation and control.

Today attack because squats are examples of the necessary recovery tools for the empowerment of our sovereignty. Destroying the self-organized social infrastructure, experiencing directly the ability to present syllogikopoiisis life against the world power, shield status misery. The essence of the attack on squats is condemning the poor to beg. Is the neutralization of the vision of freedom and solidarity. Pilgrimage to the "charity" rulers.

We could not defend it with all means of fighting the resistance to ground is targeted by the state? No. Because if you let the squats, then I hit all outbreaks of self-organization and after each group and eventually chased each partner, so to eradicate all revolutionary presence. The state plans for all who struggle to apply that now to inactivate persecuted rebels.
This does not mean that we are self-appointed defenders of the occupations or occupations that fail to stand alone, unlike the example of the recapture of Amalia villa shows exactly the opposite. But the all-out attack is repressive, not just squats and the more diverse and more dynamic is our actions, the better.

In modern slaughterhouse of capitalism patience is a luxury. It would be hubris to life if we postponed the intensification of the conflict with authority. Already witnessing Kristallnacht. Time is now critical decisions. To destroy the world powers before us away to rot. To prepare for the revolution today.

The defense of the state as repression and propaganda ...

The "generals" of the test have thought that two conditions on their side. Were based on inactivation of a large part of people descended on the streets the previous year, when "bite" into the trap of elections, volefomenoi the award of life in parties. Expecting a leftist government and the disappointment of the prevalence of mnimoniakon within the institutional game weakened the social resistance. But the real game does not end so easily. The attack took the state on the road thousands of caring. The possibility of a general counterattack and return stronger than before.
Still, the "generals" were based on the fact that the last three years were able to hit some armed groups acting at the time. Imagined that a company expulsion of anarchists would have little cost. Why can not imagine an energetic outside hierarchical dependencies. They talk about "directorial the armed struggle." The guerrilla can be sprung But each time it is organized in every rebellious heart.
Not playing in rigged political games, nor will we enter the process to prove that we are not elephants, that our motivational aliens, secret services, SYRIZA. Anyone who still sees government agents and a victim of state propaganda and shortsighted in failing to realize that there are people against the regime of fear and submission will not succumb but will respond and will attack with all means. Everything else is just empty words.

We are anarchists, anti-statist, and enemies of democracy. And if our action is condemned by the political system we have long condemned the political system to its destruction.

You plug the mouth of each of regime anemodouras left and other conspiracy theorists who talk about retention and intelligence so insulting the memory of comrades who died fighting as Lambros Fountas member of Revolutionary Struggle, Christos Kassimis member of ELA, Chris Tsoutsouvis member of the anti-state Wrestling and many other fighters of the armed struggle antikratikou. Let's also remember that at this time are captured or Wanted Member comrades who have taken the political responsibility for their participation in revolutionary organizations (N17, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Revolutionary Struggle) and that all the attacks carried out by militant groups texts taken . Actual parastatal attacks like those in Italy over the past decade deliberately hit innocent to a point of slander and misrepresentation revolutionary targeting.

Organization and rebellion by any means and in any form ...

The last time the actions that followed the self-organized attacks on government sites and ventures back to the surface a division that produces the same power. Fake distinctions that attempts to fragment the unity based anti-authoritarian mid race. Shared roles and specializations, born isolations and infighting, dipoles legal - illegal
Questions and dilemmas in front of comrades who have been found in most phases of the past. As if it's a crossroads where you stand forth, breaking up with your partner and choose your path.

We understand clearly that the choice of the match Kane or the other means is not only a strategic choice - for example what is the most appropriate depending on prevailing conditions-but is certainly a choice on the basis of desire and personal satisfaction.

We are not seeking a monolithic Stalinist evoking a "communist" parties, nor do we want to linguistic changes that have a section just would not be true. Instead we believe that there must be respect for different views and approaches, which are so many and their agents inside-us to unity in action of the destruction of the state. Pluralism visas within the anarchist community is not only detrimental. One approach complements the other, other confirmed from other events and stay in oblivion of history with a dialogue to produce conclusions fertilizing dangerous ideas.

The logic wants harmful or provocative actions the guerrilla movement is not the result but thought consolidation of fear from state repression. In fact the state unleashes immediately retaliate where it can after violent actions in order to create a psychological fear response that will divide and intimidate insurgents. But this is exactly the reaction betrays the state's need to hit the dynamic forms of struggle. Whether it's a violent demonstration, an occupation, or a guerrilla attack.

Respectively and despite short-term negative effects of a guerrilla attack in the long term is to suppress terror. Is the perspective of empowerment and diffusing power that frightens as it is not as invincible as they imply provokatorologikes perceptions, but consists of vulnerable people by name and address, those goons and cops to hire, will be a permanent goal of anarchist guerrillas.

We want to terrorize Yes. But who? Guerrilla attacks designed to transport terror in the camp of the holders. A minimum return of violence every day in a thousand ways. A minimum return of terrorism practiced by the executioners of our animals. A resounding message to shake the foundations of the compact authoritarian edifice seeking accomplices. Message for all decent people in spite of the times struggling against authority. To those who tolerate oppression but still slowly preparing for their own personal revolutions. In each and every one a timid beginning to clog his ears to the sirens of alienation and comes into contact with the world of resistance to power.

To avoid misunderstanding, we are open to any criticism as a tool to consider the dialectic between evolution and the rebels. This is of course when the criticism is not coming from a populist perspective aimed at coaxing the "society" as the only result of such a strategy is the creation of graphics and supporters fake impressions. We believe that everything needs to deepen and enrich the meanings of speech and action to highlight each trap of authoritarian complex and leave no untouchable machine just because of circumstances.

To exchange ideas and know-how, armed with Kalashnikovs and bullets to epanoikeiopoiithoume the streets and neighborhoods to rob money and understand buildings.

Project our all-out conflict with the power together with the development of self-organized infrastructure.

Why do these forms of organization that defends and puts is our way to live a little taste of anarchy in today, is our ability to experiment with anexousies relations, to answer our individual and collective needs and desires outside of dependency has urban culture imposes on its own nationals.

It is our vehicle to fight the pervasive violence of power both in our lives and in the social and political field. Why should inroads in their own fields to hit them and the political and technological and military.

And is the real base-anarchist organization, not the temporary materials we use-on attack against the state, capital, culture contamination and domestication.

In this constant struggle we missing comrades from us by paying the cost of being "recruited" wholeheartedly in the struggle.

We want to send our solidarity to the anarchist Marco Kamenits performing symbolic hunger strike in the dungeons the Swiss prison prisoner is 21 years and the procession Gabriel Da Silva in Germany and Elisa di Bernardo in Italy as they participate in solidarity demanding the immediate release. Our action coincides with the call for action and solidarity to free partner we from our side we stand beside the impenitent race.

Each practice our direct action is an act of solidarity and

In anarchist prisoner Bobby Tsilianidi sentenced recently to 10 years for robbery Ahepa the judicial mafia unique element with the DNA of a scarf, showing the state of vindictiveness towards dynamic actions developed lately.

In unrepentant rebels N17 as Dimitris Koufodinas and Savvas Xeros.
The anarchist Theophilos Mavropoulo captured after an armed clash with cops in larch, allowing the partner who was with him to escape.

The imprisoned members of the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Olga Economides, George Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Polydoros, Thanks Hadtzimihelakis and Panagiotis Argyros (good recovery partner, hospitalized after a serious injury in prison)
In anarchist prisoners Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexander MITROUSSIAS who refuse to participate in the Road S.P.F and support their participation in the armed anarchist struggle.

In imprisoned anarchist Vaggelis Koutsimpela prosecuted for a series of arson attacks in Trikala.

On remand anarchist communist Tassos Theophilus accused of bank robbery and homicide which denies involvement.

The anarchist rummy Syrianos prisoner lying on the fence of robbery ODDY

The imprisoned militants accused of kidnapping industrialists Mylonas, Vangelis Chrysochoidis, Polycarp Georgiadis who deny involvement in kidnapping and defend their relationship with Vassilis Paleokostas.

The members of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, Paula rupees (Wanted), Kostas troughs.
Mario wanted to Seisidis, Gregory Tsironis, John Michailidis Dimitris Politis, Vasilis Paleokostas.

Solidarity to prisoners who struggle against the prison regime.
Solidarity to all prisoners and fugitives anarchists worldwide.

Long live Anarchy!

Partnership anarchist organizations:

Wild Freedom

Promoters Social Explosions
http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2013/01/24/anarchist-organization-wild-... (englisch)
http://www.zougla.gr/greece/article/analipsi-ef8inis-gia-ti-vomvistiki-e... (griechisch)

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"So are built like concentration camps"


Drei Tage vor dem Holocaustgedenktag mit so einem Vergleich um die Ecke zu kommen und den millionenfachen Mord so zu relativieren, ist schon echt ne heftige Nummer.

Wenn man hier die Relativierung des Holocaust erkennen will.

daß sich die deutschen wirklich über alles erheben und sich bei allem ihren schuh anziehen wollen ---


zum eigentlichen text: es gab in der vergangenheit konzentrationslager in griechenland - auch von deutschen faschisten, die die partisan*innen dort eingepfercht hatten --- beziehen können wir den o.a. text auch auf die geplanten konzentrationslager, die griechenland federführend für die eu  für oder besser gegen die flüchtlinge einrichten will

Konzentrationslager sind schon noch ein Unterschied zu einem Vernichtungslager, welches dem Holocaust wohl wesentlich näher steht.
Und davon sprach die Gruppe eben nicht.

Das hier eine Bombe in einem Einkaufszentrum (!!!) gelegt wurde interessiert nicht??

Das ist doch graesslich! Natuerlich laesst sich viel einreden von wegen "Kapitalismus und Konsumgesellschaft",

aber diese bombe war irgendwo in der urbanen welt platziert, nicht da wo sie "dem Kapitalismus schadet"

sondern schlechtestenfalls irgendwelche leuten.

Verglichen mit zB dem Anschlag auf das Parteibuero der CA wirkt ein Anschlag in der Mall ziellos und barbarisch.

Ich hoffe diese Bombe hat kein Anarchist gelegt.

This is only an automatic translation (not to be trusted).