Dead person in Biel, Switzerland

Stop Police Brutality

In the night from friday (29th of may) at 3 o`clock in the morning a 17 year old young person died at trying to escape police. He was together with two other people with a trailer, which was loaded with wood on the roads in Biel, when police car was recognizing them and stopped. When the car moved in their direction to control the persons, the three of them escaped via a close railroad. One of the young people was killed there by a train passing. We do not know these young people. But it touches us when people die because police has the feeling they can do everything and is allowed to harass everybody. Often this kind of control are getting more and more intensive and police is acting as if they are allowed to do everything without fear to be responsible for anything. 


Often this kind of control are leading to death. The list of people who were killed by police is long. At control or in prison, the cops are often behaving as if they are safe of immunity and behave like that. 


Spontaneousely people went to the streets of Zürich on satureday as an reaction to the dead and to protest against the cops and repression. With banners and mobile soundsystem we went to the next police station. This was painted with color bombs. Then the demonstration disappeared. 


This action should show the cops that the youth that we do not just accept everything. We hope that in other cities people will also break indifference and fight against stateterrorism, observation and capitalist shit system. 


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for anarchy 





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Friday morning around 3 o`clock a 17 year old person was overrollen by a train and died after he was escaping police. 

His crime? He and his friends had a trailer with them full of wood, what seemed to be suspiciouse for the cops. The hount against youth is getting ordinary; this time it was ending dramaticallly. To hold the youth in bay the state constructed a complete arsenal of reglementations and tools, which are condign to the "war on terror". 

Sending-off, assembly ban, prison for minors, time out programms and curfew for minors are examples. The youth invest the nights to run away from cops. The wood might have been stolen (which is still to be prooven) but that is not the problem. The problem is that cops pester youth to satisfy their safety delusion until these risk even death. If this is in french banlieus, in the streets of athens or in the metro of oakland, we all are touched of it. 


Today they chase us. Tomorrow they will shoot on us. 


We are all Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré. 

We are all Alexis Grigropoulos 

We are all Oscar Grant 

We are all the dead, killed by the state. 


Lets show them, that we will not let them to kill our sisters and brothers silently. 


We sorrow the dead of the young person and will gather on sunday at 6 o`clock for a picket at the train station of the city. 


No justice no peace! 


Spread the information. Youth in solidarity 


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