Solidaritätserklärung der Rigaer 94 an die Villa Amalias

Rigaer 94 verteidigen

Hearing the news about the eviction of Villa Amalias left us in shock and grief. Some of us know the house and most people have heard about the project. In Berlin, there is generally a huge interest in following news about the struggle against the greek state and it's development towards fascism.

This is why the grief was soon replaced by rage!

Rage about the pigs attacking the Villa, rage about the bold lies of state and press and rage about the increased attacks by the more and more repressive system against those who fight against power and capital!

Your struggle must go on! With this action the state helped it's allies of Golden Dawn to gain a strategic victory. But their feeling of superiority won't last, as we know you will not leave it with that!

You will take what back what they have stolen!

In this, you will have our support where possible and you can count on our absolute solidarity!

Solidarity have no borders!

For a live without repressive power and authority!

Towards anarchy!

Yours, Rigaer94



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