Support concert at Molodoï

No Border, No Nation

In the autumn of 2010 there was a vast movement in France agains the government's project for pension reform. State repression hit a number of people during the movement and State repression continues today through trials against such people. Antonin is one such person. Antonin was arrested in Reims after participating in  one of many unofficial demonstrations.


He was found with a homemade slingshot and a small quantity of petrol – which could be used for a lamp or for juggling bolas. He was charged for allegedly trying to make a molotov cocktail and for having an unlawful weapon. During the first trial he was sentenced to three years of probation and a three year suspended sentence as well as the obligation to participate in a citizenship class.


That means that if he gets arrested for anything at all he's sure to go to prison for at least three years. He also received a 400 euro fine for refusing to give his DNA.  He appealed against this judgement. A new trial was to take place on April 4th 2012 in Reims. But it was moved to September 12th 2012. The legal costs are quite heavy and represent another aspect of State repression.
In support of Antonin and to help provide for the costs we are organizing a support concert on September 6th at Molodoï in Strasbourg: 19 rue du Ban de la Roche, Strasbourg
Let's reinforce our networks of resistance. Solidarity is a weapon.
Strasbourg Legal Team