Down your limbs from Indymedia Athens!

Down your limbs from Indymedia Athens!

Since the generalized attack on an entire society in terms of labour, social and political rights has been answered massively last Sunday, 12/2, with the concentration of hundreds of thousands of protesters across Greece, the Power plays its last card, that of intensification of repression, to recoup the social rage.


On Sunday morning, dozens of activists were kidnapped by the State-terrorist, some even from their homes. Four protesters in Athens, defenders of the right to life, and not mere survival, were imprisoned before their trial that it may take months until it starts. Others were prosecuted three days after the protest gatherings and demonstrations in other Greek cities. A few days before that, in TV channels and the media, sold-out politicians, collaborators of the Troika’s executives raise questions over the operation and existence of Indymedia.


With an announcement on Friday afternoon, 17/2, the Rector of Athens Polytechnic School warns the public about power outages in university buildings on ‘maintenance’ grounds! So, they have found a way to gag, cutting the electric power. They already launched cyber attacks on Athens IMC server last Sunday, 12/2, during the big demonstrations across the country.


This announcement smells of state repression from miles away, especially if we take into account the sequence of events and pressures of the past week, with the hardening of the regime’s attitude. This smells like bad news in view of the upcoming protest mobilization of large parts of society on Sunday, February 19th, while Athens IMC is one of the few key spaces where events are communicated by the participants without any mediation or distortion by the submissive corporate media.

But they will keep finding us in front of them.


PS. We haven’t forgotten, of course, all previous failed repressive manipulations of the State, in coordination with the fascists, even back then, when they did not cooperate officially with each other and kept some formal distance…

From you may login to IRC channel of Athens IMC for immediate diffusion of updates, picking a distinctive nickname for [Nicknames:] and typing #athens in the field [Channels:]


Anti-authoritarian song, based on a 1978 poem by anarchist poetess Katerina Gogou, remixed by DIY band Entropia (Entropy)

‘May 25th’
One morning I’ll open the door
and I’ll go out into the streets, like I did yesterday.
And I’ll be thinking of nothing else
but that one piece from the father and the sea,
those only pieces that they’ve left me with;
and the city, the city that they’ve left to rot,
and our friends that have been lost.
One morning I’ll open the door
and jump straight into the fire
I’ll go out like I did yesterday,
shouting ‘fascists!’,
erecting barricades and hurling stones,
with a red banner held up high, shining in the sun.
I’ll open the door — and it’s not that I fear —
but, you see, I meant to tell you
that I didn’t make it on time
and that you need to learn
not to take to the streets without any weapons
as I did; because I didn’t make it on time,
otherwise you’ll disappear as I did, ‘thereby’, ‘vaguely’,
broken into little pieces made of sea,
childhood years and red banners.
One morning I’ll open the door
and I’ll vanish away with the dream of revolution
within the infinite loneliness of the streets that will be burning,
within the infinite loneliness of the paper barricades,
being named — don’t believe them! —
as ‘provocateur’