In Commemoration of Heather Heyer - Solidarity with all anti-fascists in the US

Heather Heyer Graffito in Dortmund

After learning about yesterdays (2017/08/12) attack against a anti-fascist ralley in Charlottesville, Virginia, we got grief but also rage. That feeling led us to make a graffito in Dortmund, a place which counts several victims of neo-nazi attacks (incl. 5 murdered in the last 20 years).

Yesterday in Charlottesville (Virginia) a (supposed) Nazi drove his car into a crowd of people, who were ralleying agains a facist march. Dozens got injured. Among the victims was also Heather Heyer, a paralegal. She died on the scene. She was 32 years old.

For quite some time we observe the spiral of violence being accelerated upwards in the U.S. One of the key organizers of the march, Richard Spencer, just after last years election yelled Hail Trump during one of their gatherings in Washington (DC) to celebrate Trumps electoral victory, responded by arms raised in the audience.[1] Since then, and even before, they feel gaining momentum.
The decision of local authorities of Charlottesville to remove a confederate statue and rename a park was an attractive reason for various factions of radical right wingers (NSM, National Front, KKK, alt-right, etc.) to call for "unification".

The actual call to protect the memorial statue of a long time ago deceased confederate general, who was supporting slaveownership during the civil war, and to even bring arms[2] to the march in Charlottesville tells us only one thing: it unmasks the fascist longing for death.

To protect an inanimate object, which is claimed to represent an infamous dead person, who was militarily supporting fatal slavery could only mean one thing to a somewhat 20year old guy: to get into his car and to use it as a deadly force against an indiscriminate crowd.

It has hit only one.
But all of us are meant.

Antifa Global!

anti-fascist individuals, 13.08.2017