Paris: German Embassy Attacked in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners

Attaque de l’ambassade d’Allemagne à Paris en soutien aux inculpé-e-s de l’anti-G20

During the night of July 17 2017, we attacked the Embassy of Germany, in Paris, in solidarity with no-G20 prisoners, rising against G20 and its world.

That starry night, you could hear « pshiiit, bam, boum » rue marbeau. Bim ! A « Welcome 2 Hell » was tagged on the embassy wall, the windows were broken and the public access door was fired up with a Molotov cocktail, in less time than it takes to find a lighter in a pocket.

This symbolic direct action is for us a way to stand with the 44 people still imprisoned in Hamburg, after the riots against the G20 summit. We also wanted to say to the German authorities that we will fight back, everywhere, against capitalism and oppressive state policies.

Despite the massive repression that activists were facing during the G20, and the 20000 police officers, water canons and special forces deployed for the show, international anarchists seriously disrupted public order. Nevertheless, the Hamburg battle is nothing compared to the whole social anger that is increasingly screaming all over the world against capitalism, fascism and oppression. We are not going to accept systemic injustice anymore.

Lets reclaim it harder, better, faster, stronger.

For all the social war prisoners.

La lucha sigue !

Anarchist collective of pirates sailing into anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian oceans.