Hildesheim: Banner drop in solidarity with the comrade convicted for bank robbery in Aachen

Schwarze Katze

On June 7th, one of our comrades accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany, was sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison. In order to show solidarity, we dropped a banner from a bridge in Hildesheim leading over the A7 – one of the main motorways in Germany – saying “Rob Banks! Burn Prisons! solidariteit.noblogs.org (A)”.


It doesn’t matter to us whether our comrade is “guilty” or not – bank expropriation is a legitimate way of redistribution of goods as well as an active way to attack capitalist property relations. We rage against all prisons as they’re one of the main forces maintaining the social order by attempting to lock up everyone that doesn’t fit into the concept of a good citizen.


We believe it is necessary to broaden our struggle and intensify a diversity of tactics. Banner drops, manifestations and other symbolic ways to show solidarity are just as important as direct attacks on capitalist and patriarchal institutions. Let’s make it clear that we won’t back down while more and more of our comrades are locked up. This only makes us more angry and determined.


Let’s show our locked up comrade that she’s not alone!

Write letters! Make total destroy!