Divided world, divided class? - Perspectives on class struggle and global inequality

Geteilte Welt, geteilte Klasse? - Klassenkämpferische Perspektiven und globale Ungleichheit

In the past decades there have been many disruptions to the composition of the global working class. Neoliberal globalisation has led to a sweeping proletarisation of the global south, resulting in a ratio of about four fifths of all industrial workers living here. Current day industrialisation of the south is not a progressive moment of creating a more just world, it is simply an extension of imperialist politics. The low wage levels in the global south enable the north's capital to extract more profit, while offering cheaper prices for consumers - the majority of which are also located in the global north. The relation between production in the south, and consumption in the north has profound effects on the constitution of classes. Working and living conditions of the south's working class are fundamentally different from the working class in the global north.

Activist Torkil Lauesen will attempt to explore the connection between class relations and imperalism. A focus of the discussion will be left wing perspectives. We would like to discuss whether a common struggle of the wage-earning working classes of the global north and the global south are even possible, and if so, what form could it take.

Torkil Lauesen lives in Copenhagen. From 1972 to 1988 he was a member of the so-called Blekingegade-Group, which supported national liberation movements of the global south both through legal and illegal means.

The event will be held in english language - there will however be german translation on offer if you bring your headphones.


Aquarium (U Kottbusser Tor, behind Café Südblock, Skalitzerstr. 6)
Entry: 18 Uhr, beginning: 19 Uhr