Solidariy with Théo! Cops, outside of our lives!

flics, violeurs, assassins
Translated from: Solidariy with Théo ! Flics, hors de nos vies ! Text written by some anarchists from Seine-Saint-Denis (the poorest suburb of Paris) on 8 February 2017, about the movement of solidarity with Théo, and about the police too...
On Thursday 2nd February in Aulnay-sous-Bois (department 93) in Tower Block 3000, four police officers attacked, insulted, beat, raped, tortured and terrorised Theo, who following what should have been just a "banal" arrest, found himself hospitalised with serious injuries.
During the days that followed the attack in Aulnay-sous-Bois, numerous confrontations took place with the police. Cars were burnt, bus shelters smashed. Elsewhere in 93 it was the same: in Clichy-sous-Bois, in Blanc-Mesnil, in Sevran, in Bobigny, in Villepinte, etc. In Paris also, illegal spontaneous protests wreaked havoc (banks and estate agents had their windows broken). These scenes of revolt were more than justified; they were necessary. Just as much as the marches and assemblies of solidarity with Theo that were held in Aulnay and in many other towns over the country. Each person finds the way to express their rage and solidarity.
What these policemen subjected Theo to is utterly revolting and despicable.
And it reminds us that to varying degrees many of us have been attacked, beaten, humiliated, mutilated and/or injured by the police, or have even had our close ones murdered by police.
It also reminds us that, often being subject to a rape is accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt. But there is no shame in being raped. The shame is to rape.

The shame is to beat, to torture and to murder.
The shame is to be a police officer.
Because the abuses, the "misconduct" and the "errors" of the police are in reality integral elements to the functioning of the Police institution.
The only thing that the police protects is the established order. Because the police were created to protect the State, it has always been in the service of power. And it exists precisely for that need.
Of course some cops are worse than others. But whatever their personal opinions, whatever their ability to empathise, police officers are all in the service of a class society lead by capitalists and politicians; a racist, sexist and homophobic society.
So then by social struggle, self-organisation and individual and collective revolt, let's refuse to submit to the State and to the police. Faced with discourses about 'security' and isolationism that try to divide us and set us against each other, let's search for complicity and methods of mutual aid to break out of the categories they put us in. Whatever our social situation may be, our origins, our sex, our skin colour, our age, our neighbourhood, we won't turn our eyes away from police terror.

February 2017
Some anarchists of Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
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