Liebknecht-Luxemburg-demonstration 2017: War starts here – let’s stop it here!

Plakat Liebknecht-Luxemburg-Gedenkdemonstration 2017: "Gegen jeden Krieg und Imperialismus"

These days, Germany reaches out for greater involvement in global power and German defense companies make profit out of it. This does not happen in some back room, but right here in our city. Companies such as SAP, Heckler&Koch, ThyssenKrupp and many more are located also in Berlin. We must point out and mark, who is involved and profits from global killing! The German army is also represent in Berlin. Besides the showroom at railway station Friedrichstrasse, the think-tank of the German army – the „Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik (BAKS) – is located in Pankow.


Currently, the German army tries to present themselves as an adventurous and secure employer in “cool” Youtube-Videos, school visits and Jobcenter events. Nevertheless, the army is not a usual workplace as it teaches people to kill. German weapons kill all over the world. German interests are the cause of collaborations with local warmongering elites and their mercenaries to support their wars. The German capital wants unlimited access to resources, exploitation of new markets and the control of global trade routes. Wars have causes, so we name them and organize against them.

The demonstration in commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht affords the opportunity to gather and take the streets collectively. On January 15. 1919, the revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were killed by reactionist volunteer corps. Both advocated for fighting German militarism, which had provoked World War I. Both accused the SPD, which was represented in the German Reichstag at that time, for their approval of war loans. Luxemburg and Liebknecht refused to take part in the warmongering and stood up for a society free of exploitation and exclusion.

Social movements, the fight for self organization and a live beyond suppression, are our point of reference. The awareness for the criminalized fight for freedoms and rights of Kurds has risen far beyond the radical left and gives hope. Hope, that the persecuted Kurds and their experiences as oppositionists from Turkey and all parts of the world get together in Germany to reinforce the fight: because the fight against fascism and racism is international.

And just as in the past, we stand together and fight any militarism! We fight together with all people who had to flee because of war and poverty. We will not to be divided, we take the streets on January 15th 2017: against the German army, arms exports and war. Let’s no longer allow their advertisement for dying, their propaganda for murdering and capitalist interests. Let’s fight root causes of flight here, where they emerge.

Sunday | January 15. 2017 | 10 am (punctual!) | U-Bhf Frankfurter Tor (U5, M10)

Join the Antifa-block at the Luxemburg Liebknecht commemoration demonstration 2017!



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