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=== Ineumanity: Call for networking aginst Dublin IV === Context: Dublin IV === Deutsch ===

The Dublin system has been subject to massive criticism as it is trying to restrict the freedom of movement of the people seeking asylum in the European Union even more. With every new regulation, basic rights were restricted further, people fell victim of politics of European states and of a structurally racist system – a process which went hand in hand with partly safeguarding the external borders and the tightening of asylum rights in the member states and in that way undermined fundamentals rights for protection in favor of the capital structure of the EU.


Now, a new regulation should follow the Dublin III regulation which has often been presented as 'inefficient' and 'unfair': Dublin IV. See the publication of the German asylum rights organization ProAsyl, link further down. Key elements are more consistent deportations, the restriction of family reunions and of the special protection of minors as well as attempts to remove the permanent right to stay for refugees as well as stricter sanctions for illegalized movement. Hereby, it does not seem to matter for the decision makers that remaining humanitarian flexibilities and international human rights are undermined. You can find details and further information on our website [] or here:


This regulation is a new level in the restriction of refugee rights and thus also of human rights. The process of European isolation is being continued, where humans not only are denied their freedom of movement but also are forced to choose increasingly dangerous routes and to risk their lives. The death of thousands of people is accepted. Those who still make it to Europe somehow or those who do not even try to get here, remain in inhumane conditions. It is clear to us that the aim of this regulation is in no way to take action against the current suffering but on the contrary to safeguard and justify its existence.




In the face of a constant tightening like Dublin IV, a plenum was evolved which focuses on the European politics of exclusion. One of our central questions is: How can we react to Dublin IV in a sustainable way? In order to answer this question, it is necessary not to treat the new regulation as an isolated law. Dublin IV should rather be seen in the context of economic interests and domestic political motives of the member states. The closure of borders, the tightening of asylum rights and the criminalization of migration are a response to the call of right-wing populists; at the same time, the focus of public attention is directed to a specifically constructed concept of an enemy in the interest of the state. At the same time, borders far away from Europe are reinforced with the help of treaties and alleged reconstruction aid in order to prevent emigration already at the departure point – by what means does not seem to matter at all.

It has long been clear: Refugees do not get support – and if they do only in order to keep down the number of dead. Structural restrictions and oppression are the answer to the desire for perspectives – perspectives which were taken away and destroyed elsewhere not least through European intervention, European economic interests, postcolonialism, Western power politics. And one thing is sure: It has not started with Dublin IV and it will by no means end here.


From the need to react, a campaign* has been formed with the aim to inform and to gain the public attention through actions. We want to create public pressure on a long term by providing and preparing information for different contexts to reach and inspire people with different political knowledge and views. We want to create links and confront Dublin IV as an expression of a complex system and not allow the actual decision making eat our invested energy. Hereby, the campaign wants to remain open for different approaches: Exerting pressure on EU-delegates and parties, working out texts about the intersection between different patterns of oppression and their mechanisms (to deconstruct right-wing populist propaganda) or to directly denounce borders between nations and within our society.


The campaign:


'inEUmanity', the slogan of the campaign, is a denunciation of the structural degradation of humans to unwanted objects who are exposed to structurally racist institutions and the fence which is being built in order to safeguard the privileges of the so-called first world. One slogan and similar designs used by many can contribute to the strengthening of the visibility of our campaign. Many different things can be part of the campaign as long as the understanding outlined above is shared and as long as the campaign is not used for the instrumentalization of the interests of organizations (e.g. parties). Additionally, a common campaign with clear communication channels has the potential that already finalized leaflets, posters or ideas for actions can be shared or at least taken as a basis for further work. Currently, we communicate via email lists and working groups are organized via online boards. In these websites, we also store information and materials. Through open internal networking, the common actions against Dublin IV can more easily be supported by groups or individuals with small capacities or a focus towards other topics so we can raise as much attention as possible at many different places.


We would be very happy if you could support our campaign!

... by participating in the working groups and actively contributing to the formulation of texts, the designing of leaflets or the planning of actions.

... by criticizing, proofreading, translating.

... by coordination actions (together in one city or many small action at different places).

... by printing and distributing leaflets and posters.

... by mobilizing, passing on information and sharing news about the campaign in your channels.

... by spreading this message in your networks.

And money is always tight as well...


Also, you are very welcome at the upcoming plena with the group active in Leipzig. You can also just come by to present your ideas about the campaign and to talk about further options for networking! In case you want to stay informed and maybe want to participate directly, please subscribe to our email list:

or write to us directly:

*[We do not see ourselves as a determined campaign but rather as an open working group. We want to give an impetus to lower the hurdles to become active against Dublin IV. We do not regard any materials or texts as intellectual properties.] /