Wien - Demo: 8.11. ist Inter*-Solidaritäts-Tag!

Inter* Solidaritätstag

DeutschWe want to raise awareness for the situation of intersex people. Surgeries and/or hormonal treatments are still performed on inter* children and youths without them being able to give a free and fully informed consent - as a consequence they often suffer for a lifetime.
As long as there are only “women” and “men” in our law, in our educational and medical systems and in our minds, people whose sexual characteristics do not fit in neatly, are forcefully being adjusted and made invisible.

Together with inter* activists we demonstrate to point out demands, spread information and to call for solidarity. Being intersex must no longer be taboo!

For more information about inter* visit and We support the demands of VIMÖ and PIÖ: wp-content/uploads/2014/03/ Positionspapier-VIMÖ-PIÖ. pdf



Meeting Point:
Museumstrasse 7, 1070 Wien (Justizministerium / Ministry of Justice)

Meet-up: 18:00
Start: 18:30

Justizministerium / Ministry of Justice (Museumstraße, Park neben dem Volkstheater)
Bildungsministerium / Ministry of Education (Minoritenplatz)
Verfassungsgerichtshof / Constitutional Court (Freyung)
Verwaltungsgerichtshof / Administrativ Court (Judenplatz)
Gesundheitsministerium / Ministry of Health (Nähe Urania)