Germany: Incendiary attack against Turkish fascist-owned business by Apoist Young Women’s Initiative

Anschlag in Ichenhausen (1)

We hereby announce that the Apoist Young Women’s Initiative Bavaria – Revenge Team LICE were responsible for the attack against the Turkish business in Ichenhausen (Günzburg) on 07.07.16. The business is owned by Nejdet Aydin, who has been known for his policy of hatred against Kurds for years. We have carried out this attack as revenge for the attacks against Lice / Amed by the Turkish state. Many civilians and guerrilla fighters were killed. Thousands of square kilometers of forest were burned by Turkish murderers.

We would like to make it clear once again: everywhere in Bavaria there are people, institutions and structures of the Turkish fascism (UETD/DITIB) and its German supporters of our target. We evaluate them as being stooges of the Turkish state and enemies of the Kurdish people.

We are particularly watching the activities of the UETD and DITIB in the rural district of Guenzburg and expressly warn all who are connected to them. They will be directly responsible for the consequences.

Revolutionary greetings

Apoist Young Women’s Initiative Bavaria,