Report: Burst the dreams of investors – Defend Rigaer 94

Pyro Rigaer

Before the demonstration the media and lots of politicians were nervous and expected a violent event on top of almost three weeks of actions in solidarity with Rigaer 94. For that they ordered 1800 cops from different parts of Germany.


The demonstration started almost on time at 21:15 at Wismarplatz in Friedrichshain with about 6000 people, after a manifestation of 45 minutes took place, where the speaker read some writings about the situation in the neighborhood these days. The first two lines were built by civil cops in yellow vests and after some cop cars before the real demonstration was visible. In the front they were holding lot’s of banners and signs. In the end it looked still organized and seemed to be a big beautiful black block.


When the demonstration reached Frankfurter Allee, the first big street, two cop cars were attacked with stones. People were showing their solidarity with fireworks and banner from the rooftop. On the way lots of people opened stones for the public and offered more chances to attack cops, who are a major enemy in the conflict about Rigaer Straße. After the first attack people took every chance to hit them again until they built a line on both sides of the demonstration in Liebigstraße. This time they started to beat up people, split the demonstration and use liters of pepperspray. But even so the attacks continued and especially the not shielded brigade of civil cops (PMS) had to run. The Demo stopped just before Rigaer Straße and it was unclear if it could be continued. After a few minutes they decided to go on and passed Rigaer 94, barricaded by cops so that nobody could even think about resquatting the Kadterschmiede. Only a few attacks on Bambiland (luxury buildings) and some cops followed, before the demonstration reaches larger streets and ended up at Warschauer Strasse, where the cops arrested most of the 86 persons.


Some people called to go back to Rigaer Strasse to keep the dynamic, attack the red zone and get back the Kadterschmiede, but why ever, almost nobody followed and most of the demonstrators preferred to stay and get arrested. After the demonstration lots of cars and construction equipment all over Berlin burned and a hundret people attacked the cops again at Mariannenplatz.

After all cops and media call it the most violent demonstration for the last five years and still don’t wonder about the reason.


Hate Cops - Love R94!

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