Nazi Group Plans National Concert in Enzkreis

Thorsten Glass

The Nazi group “Stallhaus Germania” alias “Furor Teutonicus” is planning an open air concert with several Nazi bands on the 22nd of May 2010 to celebrate their 10 anniversary. The concert is to take place in a field near the town of Mühlacker, which is 30 km West of Stuttgart. Thorsten Glass from the group “Stallhaus Germania” has so far received confirmation from the Blood&Honour Band “Fausrecht”, the Naziskin band “Angry Boot Boys” and the local Naziband “Devil’s Project”.


Thorsten88 and the blond Angel

The concert planned for the Pentecostal weekend [1] is being organised by Thorsten Glass, Einsteinstraße 23, 74372 Sersheim, county district Ludwigsburg, Telephone: 07042/376749, Mobile: 0160/95190193. Glass was born on the 23rd of January 1979 in Bavaria and visited the Mörike-Secondary Modern School in Mühlacker. He has two young children from a previous relationship, that he sees every second weekend. He is currently living together with his girlfriend Manuela Weik, their child and a cat called Nemo. The family Glass drive a Renault Megane Scenic.


Manuela Weik, formerly Ahndorf, has her birthday on the 13th of June and uses the email address, and until the start of 2009 Thorsten Glass uses the name “schwaben 1488” in ebay, at youtube he is “14thorsten79” and his accounts at Amazon and Paypal use the mail address


Glass uses his yahoo account for making arrangements with his parents, exchanging porn and to have arguments with “Manu”: “It looks like you got what you want, your pregnant, and if I don’t do everything the way you want it then I can go to Coventry. And you haven’t trusted me in a long time.” Weiks thinks that “the family is not going as we planned”, because she feels that it “not all that great when I’m standing beside you and you are staring at slender women. Been watching it for a while now and that’s why I don’t want to go swimming any more.”


Free time for Fascism


Weiks pseudonym in the Nazi-forum is “BlonderEngel” (blond Angel), Glass calls himself “Odin WotanundThor” and promotes violent behaviour towards left wing persons “as the Antifanten (derogative term for antifascists) demonstrated against the KC concert [2] they got a real pounding, hee hee, we have to go to their demos and do the same back, just much harder!!!!! the first thing to get rid of these vermin, by all means necessary…”


Thorsten Glass travels to nationwide Nazi events, such as, the NPD festival “Rock für Deutschland” (Rock for Germany) in Gera 2009 or to the failed Nazi march in Dresden 2010. Even though he is a  aged Nazi skinhead “but, I've given out leaflets etc. for the NPD and I naturally voted for them too.”
Thorsten Glass is a fan of the football club VfB Stuttgart and wrote in the Nazi music filesharing forum as moderator “Thorsten88”: “There are too many lefties around us, nearly the entire ultra scene. They've got niggers and other sorts of riff-raff, even our club is, apart from Berlin, the only club with a faggot fanclub. But we are going to clean that all up, soon.”


From Stallhaus to Krone


Using the RSA-encryption message system from the webpage Glass contacted Rainer Schulz (Hauptstraße 40, 74391 Erligheim, county district Ludwigsburg, Telephone: 07143/964889, Fax: 07143/272338, Mobile: 0171/7803925, ICQ: 10908445, eBay: rainer-0815, Kwick: rainer-0815, bank account 102870295, Sort Code 60090800, Sparda-Bank Stuttgart, date of birth: 09.05.1973). Schulz is a fanatical biker, rides a 1999, GSXR1300, and calls himself in the forum „Svburner“.


Rainer Schulz is a member of the Ludwigsburg “Crew 38” and uses the name “Division_KRONE” in The number “38” stand for the 3rd and 8th letter of the alphabet and is a code for “Crossed Hammers”, the symbol of the “Hammerskin Nation”. “Crew 38” is the international prisoner support network of the “Hammerskins”. The name “Division_Krone” was chosen by Schulz after being inspired by the name of a pub “Zur Krone”, this is the meeting point of the Ludwigburg “Hammerskins”. It was in this pub, run by Jochen Thrams (Steinheimer Straße 1, 71642 Ludwigsburg-Poppenweiler), that Thorsten Glass met “the lads with the Hammers” on the 5th of january 2010.


A Hammerskin in the Regional State Office


Rainer Schulz invited Thorsten Glas to a Nazi concert of the band “Devils project” on the 21st of Novemeber 2009 in the town of Villingen. The band “Devils Project” were planning to play at the “Stallhaus Germanias” open air bash. The concert took place in the pub “Gasthof zur Bertholdshöhe”, Wieselsbergstraße 19, 78048 Villingen-Schwenningen, in the district of Schwarzwald-Baar. It is in this pub that the NPD (Neo-Nazi party) chairperson Jürgen Schützinger organised the NPD party conference.


Glass did not go to the concert but he did ask Schulz “what’s it like with you and demonstrations? Do y’all go?” But the mechanic Rainer Schulz is scared that he could loose his job at the local regional state office in Stuttgart; “I can’t go to demos…..I work for the State, the others go a lot though.” His wish for anonymity, was one of the reason for his complaint on, that at the “Hammerfest” party on the 20.06.2009 in Lothringischen Meurthe-et-Moselle that he was photographed beside the stage.


Steel house of paver’s


The club house of the Nazi group “Stallhaus Germania”is on the premises of the paving company from Markus Ramthun in the Mühlackerstrasse 77, 75417 Mühlacker-Lomersheim. Ramthun is an active member of “Stallhaus Germania”, lives at Burgweg 13, 75417 Mühlacker-Lomersheim and employs other members of Nazi-group in his firm. This Nazi-company receives contracts, according to own statements, from the construction company Grund Wohnbau GmbH, Max-Eyth-Straße 2, 75443 Ötisheim.


According to information from the Baden-Württemberg ministry of the interior (kleine Anfrage 14/4181) from the 12th of March 2009 the group “Stallhaus Germania” has “around 20 members”, and that although members regularly participate at regional and national Nazi marches as well as town activity, most of their energy goes into organising “piss ups” and Nazi-skin concerts.


Friend and helper protecting blood and honour [3]


The organiser “Stallhaus Germania” organised on the 27th of September 2008 an international Nazi concert to commemorate the Blood&Honour founder and Screwdriver singer Ian Stuart Donaldson, who died in a car accident on the 24th of September 2010. The police set up checkpoints between the towns of Dürrmenz and Lomersheim, and deployed water canon to protect the Nazi concert. The police also kept the concert a secret until it was over.


To organise the concert Thorsten Glass used the mail addressss and his MySpace account “Thorsten Schwabe”. Writing retro-perspectively about the “Stallhaus Germania” concert that he had organised on the 10th of October 2009 Glass wrote: “Bad concert 2009: our own….unfortunately just one band and some Arse took my car apart.” The equipment for the concert was leased by Glass for 268 Euros from the company Soundland Veranstaltungstechnik, Schorndorfer Straße 19, 70736 Fellbach, invoice number 4870. Before the concert Glass wrote to Kai Kungl from Pforzheim, founder, singer and guitarist of the Vienna NSBM band “Donner des Nordens”, that helped him organise the concert: “I can’t be bothered that at the start of next week the cops are there, when half of the internet know who does, what when where.”


Nazi concert on pastures green


Glass had already tried to get the band “Devil’s Project” for the concert on the 10th of October 2009, but alas “Our bassist works shifts and has to work on Saturday, but I think that we are going to turn up. Sorry, next time though. Send us directions.” Glass answered “think y’all have to go by the way of Wiernsheim, then through Lomersheim. From there direction Mühlhausen. From Lomersheim go to Mühlahausen (roundabout 2nd exit) up the hill.. about 100m, before you get to a crossing, go right on a country lane. Then its only a couple of meters. Y’all see it from the street.”


In the end it was only “Störmanöver” that played on the 10th of October 2009, even though Glass tried desperately, even lying, to get bands: “Unfortunately a band has just cancelled, so we need a quick replacement.” Even in the invitation Glass used the experience of the successful co-operation with the police for an expected easy evening: “On the country lane there is going to be a police control, according to the police they just want to make a control…just like last time.”


The anniversary concert from “Stallhaus Germania” on the 22nd of May 2010 is supposed to be on the same piece of land as the concert from the 10th of October last year, between the towns of Lomersheim and Mühlhausen. Glass even wants to order the equipment and stage from Soundland Veranstaltungstechnik. This time though, Glass is planning to pay 1292.40 Euros for the invoice number 5669. Glass wrote to Devil’s Project: “hopefully our friends in green [4] will, like the last time, let it go ahead.” The Nazi band “Words of Anger” from Schleswig-Holstein will, contrary to previous statements, not be playing at the open air concert: “sorry, we have to cancel…we have lost our practice room because of pressure from the antifa. Now we have to find a new one…. if anything develops I’ll let you, I don’t like confirming and then cancelling, but there is nothing we can do…”


When Faustrecht play, the Nazis come

Admittedly Glass was able to secure the internationally renowned Nazi band “Faustrecht” from the Blood&Honour music network, which despite being banned in 2000 is still active. “Faustrecht” started in 1994 in the Allgäu region, they are a Nazi-Skinhead band and were inspired from the likes of Screwdriver. They have made seven albums and are on various samplers, such as the NPD’s - school yard – CDs. The lyrics are in various languages, the logo is the cog-wheel of the “German Labour Front” from the Nazi times. Because of their popularity in the Nazi scene, it has to be expected that hundreds of Nazis will travel to the “Stallhaus Germania” concert.


On the 2nd of February 2010 “Faustrechts” singer, Norbert Lecheler alias “Nogge” (Westernacher Straße 37, 87719 Mindelheim, 08261/21964, 0171/7868635,, wrote, via MySpace to Glass: “we’re “practising” for our new CD and how long this “creative process” takes I really don’t know. I’ll confirm provisionally for the 22nd of May, but if a studio appointment turns up we’re going to have to cancel. But I’m going to try and keep the date clear.” The conditions for performing were then written on the 15th of February in a mail to Glass: “Hi Thorsten, what we will definitely be wanting is petrol money, a place to sleep (pension, not private) and free drinks! Greetings Nogge”.


In an interview with the webzine “Revolt NS” in October 2009, the members of “Faustrecht” do not make any secrets about their political affiliations: „We are convicted to the political ideas of Gregor Strasser, which is the true NS (national socialism) to us. The main enemy of us all is so called Globalism, which is lead by Zionists Capitalism.“ On their album “Ein blick zuzück im Zorn” (Look Back in Anger) there is a song called “Damals wie heute” (back then as it is today) the band draws inspiration from the motto of the SS: “we have pledged loyalty and honour, the flames of hate were born within us. For nationalism and socialism of deeds, we are fighting against this state.”


Business with the Skinhead Cult


The relationship between the singer of the North Rhine-Westphalian Skinhead band “Angry Boot Boys” and “combat 18” (the militant wing of Blood and Honour) is a tense one. Daniel Michael Brosch alias „Broschi“ (Mittelstraße 1f, 45768 Marl, date of birth 19.10.1986, bank account 658885300, sort code: 42661008, Volksbank Marl-Recklinghausen, graduated from the Willy-Brandt comprehensive school Marl 2004, Facebook and MeinVZ with, wrote to Thorsten Glass: “we are just checking because we can’t be bothered with any C18 bands”. This fits for the band that want to have on their new album “gegen Terrorismus aussprechen” (speaking against terrorism) a song called “gegen Combat 18” (against Combat 18). But Glass can reassure Brosch “don’t worry, we are not going to invite any bands with combat 18 connections. Its suppose to be a real randy party without any stress and all those types of bands are not convenient for that and we don’t have any contacts to them.”


The “Angry boot boys” marketed their first CD through “PC Records” from Chemnitz, but alas Brosch is anything but loyal to his business partners. Brosch sold CD’s to Malte Redeker from the Nazi mail-order company “Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede” (Seydlitzstraße 26, 67061 Ludwigshafen,, He sold them at a special price for friends, but Broschh asked Redeker: “don’t say anything about this to anyone else, I had to promise yves (pc records) to not sell the disc for 10 Euros.” After that Redeker connected him to the Nazi lawyer and founder of the band “Noie Werte” Steffen Hammer from Reutlingen and to the Hamburger Nazi lawyer Gisa Pahl from the “Deutsche Rechtsbüro” (German legal office) to check their texts for anything that may contravene criminal laws: “the check costs 150 Euros.” The “angry boot boys” don’t take the the tax laws all that serious either. Brosch wrote to Bertino Adler alias “Tino”, (Bahnberg 3, 31199 Diekholzen) from the mail-order firm “Adler Versand”, with who they want to make their next CD: “We are going to have to do your part of the studio costs on the quiet, cos we are doing it all without taxes, which is better for us both.”


Clandestine is over – stopping the Nazi Concert


Concerning the planned concert in Mühlacker Thorsten Glass wrote to Michael Brosch on the 4th of March: “We are not going to put up any flyers in on pages like Thiazi etc. we want to celebrate in a small circle of friends, so that it can (hopefully) go ahead. Will send personal invitations out about 3 weeks beforehand, and that will be it.” Brosch almost burst with pleasure “we are pleased that you are not doing any advertising, we’d rather play to small groups instead of big events that get broken up by the green/white terror. Y’all do a professional bit of work there, other concert organisers could take a leaf out of your book.”


Autonome Antifa Freiburg

Communiqué from 13.03.2010



[1] Pentecostal weekend is a traditional holiday time in Germany and does not necessarily have anything to do with Christian beliefs.

[2] “Kategorie C” is a hooligan and Neo-Nazi band.

[3] The Term friend and helper (“Freund und Helfer”) is used, often ironically, to describe the relationship to police.

[4] Traditionally the German police wear green, so are therefore referred to in this manner.