Call for solidarity with our comrade imprisoned in Soto del Real Madrid, who is currently facing extradition.

Raus aus dem Knast!

As you may know, our comrade was arrested on April 13th, and is currently facing extradition to Germany, accused of having participated in the expropriation of a bank in Aachen (ger). Since her imprisonment last month, she has been held in isolation in Soto del Real prison. However, the current situation indicates that extradition is imminent.


Moving her to Germany means putting even more distance between her and the people around her, into another penal system that uses isolation extensively in order to complicate or prevent communication between political prisoners, and further distance them from other prisoners.


For these reasons we are publishing a call for mobilisation, and to fight. A call to expose the collaboration of European states against our comrade in struggle, and to be sure that this does not go unanswered. To make it clear that attacking her means attacking all of us who are fighting against the capitalist system and the misery its logic imposes on us.


We are organising a demonstration for the day of the release of her extradition order, and are calling for MOBILISATIONS AND ACTIONS OF ANY KIND IN OTHER COUNTRIES AND CITIES, on the same day as the demonstration in Barcelona.



We want her free, we want her close!

Freedom for all comrades and all persecuted!

No comrade left alone in the hands of the state!