Crashing Schengen!

Open all borders

+++ Hundreds of people block highway at a checkpoint between Switzerland and Germany, shutting down traffic +++ Protest against racist policies in Germany, Switzerland and the EU +++ Demands for solidarity with all refugees and freedom of movement for all people – everywhere +++


On Saturday, April 2nd 2016, we block during the No Border Action Days in Freiburg/Germany and Basel/Switzerland the highway checkpoint in a massive action of civil disobedience. We are anti-racist activists, anarchists and other freedom-loving people. This way, we protest the inhumane and racist policies in Germany, Switzerland, the EU and other European countries in solidarity with all refugees.


Throughout the past months hundreds of thousands of refugees have conquered the walls of Fortress Europe on a quest for a better and secure life. On their route over the Balkans and at other places they are supported by activists from all over the world. The European countries, the EU and Germany react to this with nothing but repression and criminalisation of refugees.


The activist Tina Maus explains, 'EU countries do not shy away from any means to defend their 'open borders' and the 'economic achievements of the Schengen-Area'. People on the run are being seen as enemies, who have to be 'held back' at the exterior borders of Fortress Europe. European politicians are building fortifications at the interior and exterior borders, send warships and the military to the Meditarranean and forge an agreement with the fascist regime of Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan. All that, to retain profitable trade inside the Schengen-Area and securely visit holiday locations. They leave thousands of people to suffer – such as e.g. 11.000 refugees in Idomeni/Greece at the Greece-Macedonia border – for the 'freedom' of the few. Above that, in Germany and other countries, thousands are put in detention centers and deported to countries, in which depravation, torture and persecution await them.'


'The EU is killing thousands of individuals each year in the Meditarranean and at the borders', the activist Yan Aslan states. 'We say: Enough is enough! Ya Basta! From today on we will resist with all our force against the racist and bigoted strategy of fortification emanating from capitalist interest in economic profits. If you, EU politicians, want to defend your 'safe' Schengen-Area and your 'dreamland' at the expense of thousands of lives, we will destroy your comfort, be disruptive and force empathy from the privileged! We say: No-one is free, until all are free! We demand: Open borders for everyone, everywhere! Solidarity with all refugees!'


Press contact:

+49 152.10261820