Soli LP for Rojava

Solidarität mit Rojava

Some weeks ago, around the turn of the year, we recorded various live concerts at Esperanza in Schwäbisch Gmünd. In the meantime the records have been mastered and are ready to go vinyl. The local heroes were joined by renown and holy voices from all over the country. The best of the best is chosen and will be recorded on a 10“ LP. There will be 500 copies which can be ordered on the internet or picked up at concerts. 100% of the profit goes for the reconstruction of the region of Rojava in northern Syria. Since 2011 Syria has been experiencing the civil war. The Kurdish regions in the North have been under the constant fire by the ISIS troops. Although the people there offer resistance, important parts of the infrastructure have been destroyed by ISIS. This money is a small part of our support and solidarity with the people in Rojava. It will help reconstructing hospitals, schools and other important infrastructure buildings.
Here are our TOP 6 bands which will be on the record:
Jesus Skins Defenders of the Universe The Higgins Bierdosen Freunde The Maladroits Roidige Hunde
Support this project and reconstruction of Rojava! Solidarity to the people in Rojava! 15 € donation gets a record 50 € a record and a bonus surprise for 200 € Defenders of the Universe or Bierdosenfreunde will rock your place at 400 € Defenders PLUS Bierdosenfreunde for over 1000€ we will sell our souls – with bonus and happy end.
The money which will be raised by the campaign and with the sold LPs will be donated to the NGO Stuttgart Demokratisches Kurdisches Gesellschaftszentrum e.V. which is running and supporting variouse projects in region of Rojava. solif-rrojava

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