Statement of solidarity from the houseproject Senffabrik located in Flensburg to the squatters of Alte Post Münster

Besetzte Alte Post in Münster

After a stressful week, which was stamped by the brutal eviction of Luftschlossfabrik on wednesday (february 3.) and the ongoing massive presence of pigs on the street, we, the people living in Senffabrik are really happy to hear about the squatting of Alte Post Münster.


Although they took a space of freedom away from us for now, we will still fight for our spaces of freedom and send greetings of solidarity to Münster. We need self-governing spaces to realize our ideas and wishes apart of statecontrol, constraint of accomplishment and a social logic of utilization.

Solidarity is the weapon they can't take away from us and in solidarity we support you! To keep spaces of freedom and a self-governing life!

We are also sending greeting of solidarity to all other projects which are threatend and fought for!