Greek Revolt (Update of 3rd February 2010)

Ladies in action... the next door's terrorists.

The decline of ancient athenian democracy: After the persian wars, Athens became the undisputed leader overseas on the trading economics. Periklis, the leader of Athens, explodes the development and domination also on other cities. He uses the allies' money to build up the Parthenon and other shiny monuments. Until the middle of 5th century b.C., the economical and military alliance of Delos, which was influenced by Athen's greediness, turns into an athenian empire. This event was confermed with the allience's treasure transfer from the common Delos' island bank to Athens. The other city-states accepted at the beginning the power of Athens, but gradually Athens became an imperialistic power. After the victory against Persians, some city-states tried to brake away from the alliance and the result was the total and raw use of war power from the side of Athens. The citizens of Athens start thinking on survival bases and overcome any moral barries. The result was a civil war and destruction...



° Despite the european comission threatens for using european court's laws against them, the farmers under none syndicalistic leadership still keep strong their blockades on highways, side-roads and toll station borders, so the running products of the capitalistic system cannot be transfered from a place to another. Today they also blocked Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki. As they state, during this year's fights, they do not solidarise under the colour of a political flag, but only the colour of the ground connects them. As further as they decide on their own about their fight, as stronger becomes the blackmail against them from mass media and strong elitarian economical circles. The agricaltural ministerin who was at Macedonia Airport had to escape from side-roads, refusing this way to meet straightly with the farmers themselves and not with any other representative person.


° People keep their fights against the government's plans to build up a highway close to Peranthi's Hill which will destroy the National Nature Park of Amvrakikos Bay. This fight against the european development's plans, comes next to other fights against green or gray development's plans which want to destroy nature, such as Acheloos river and Naxos island.


° First day of the trial about Mylonas industrialist kidnap. The industrialist states that he recognizes Polys Georgiadis as responsible, because of his voice and body type. Some pigs tried to block journalism's students to enter the court, action that is against the greek constitution. The wife of Mylonas stated that she doesn't recognize Polys Georgiadis or Vaggelis Chrysochoidis as the persons who took the money or used to keep in phone communication with her during the kidnap.


° Workers of KANAKIS factory in Volos town occupied the building. The owner company of the factory said it's bankcrupt and the workers are unpaid since seven or even ten months now. The workers enforce pressure to PAME (official syndicate of parliament communistic party) for radical actions. Today, the workers' assembly decided for a demonstration on 9th February against the bankruptcies, redundancies and poverty that comes from the European Stability Programm, which is designed by the greek "socialistic" government and the bloodthirsty crows of Brussels. Outparliamentary political organisations get in contact with the workers, so they can kick away all the official and legal syndicalistic leaders, who betray any workers' fights.


° Serious rise up in Diavata jailhouse. According to the first reports, the prisoners revolted, after the authorities' decision to expell a kurdish prisoner to a russian jailhouse. The trial of him is planned for 24th February, he has the right for political asylum in Greece but despite all these facts the authorities decided to transfer him today to Korydallos jailhouse in order to be expelled to Russia. The other prisoners rised up before the transfer and a prosecutor gave orders to special pigs' forces to enter the prison and attack. Fifteen prisoners after the pigs' attack got injured, some of them seriously, and the jail authorities deny their hospitalisation. Unrest also in Trikala and Amfissa jailhouses in solidarity with the Kurd and the prisoners of Diavata.


°Revolt in Rodopi's Immigrants' Isolation Center. Early in the mourning of Tuesday, the 124 immigrants who are kept inside and come mostly from Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq started looting many parts of the building and injuring themselves asking this way for their freedom. 30 of them were freed and in the next days some more will be released.


Answer to @Übersetzer from de.indymedia (the full comment does not appear on de):



  In my opinion, the whole economical discussion about the greek economy is out of reality of the real crisis, as long as the crisis is not only economical but also social and we have to be critical about the whole function of the european union. The union of the european citizens never happened, but only the union of free market which serves the strong economical lobbies. The last ideas of a european union based on equality from Myteran for example were buried easily under the ground and the tones of toilet paper in the super markets. The debts of the greek economy and the global economical crisis was not an accident or a result of corruption, but the real function of capitalism. The corruption in Greece serves  the local burgoise and the middle european strong companies' which never had any problem to use Greece as the middle-man for their economical imperialistic strategy to the rest of the Balkan countries or even work illegaly inside Greece (z.B. Siemens scandals, economical help to Yugoslavia which first was bombed so the european and U.S. economy could rise up, etc. etc.).

 About the similarities in greek mass media about the crisis topics my answer is yes, they use almost the same methods trying to blame the workers and lower classes as the reason of the economical situation. About the farmers' blockades, they try to appear them like an enemy of the rest of the society. I am sure that the same Goebel's methods are used also in Germany, so the people in the country will stand against eachother or against other nations of EU and not against the economical system. Do not forget also, that if we check back in history, the most effective used method to overcome an economical crisis was the production and use of military equipment...

 About the possibility for Germany (and I say Germany and not EU, because Germany is the strong boss of the European Central Bank) to kick out Greece from the Economical Union I think the answer is no. I think it's more possible from the side of german authorities to brake down the whole European Economical Union and turn back to Mark coin.

 About the military junta possibility my answer is you never know. People in Greece also used to think before 1967 that such an event was unpossible because the times were modern and Europe would never like to have such a status quo in south-east boarders. But Europe accepted the enforced by U.S. junta and still cooperates without any problem with the turkish fascistic government, the chinese totalitarian status quo, etc. Capitalism never had moral problems and the debts that came from the greek junta in seven years were equal to the greek debts from 1821 to 1967. The authoritans never had any problem with fascistic methods, thing that you can see by the wars of democracy (<- here you can laugh bitterly) and the rising up repression in each country. We should not forget also that lots of cops and militants are members of Golden Dawn or other fascistic teams in Greece. On the other hand, as long as we talk about the possibility of a junta establish, we lose the running events: today, in Greece arrived a team of foreign economical advisers who will take decisions about the economy and EU is thinking to transfer the decision centers from the greek parliament to Brussels. We can easily see from this fact that each country's right for indypendence, the last economical and political secure for each country's population, gets diappeared under the laws of free market. Also nobody speaks out that most of the banks on the planet are bankcrupt, because their methods are out of mathematic logic.

 About the bad reputation that you say: they do not care about reputation, only about money. The reputation can be saved, the mass media do this job since years now feeding people with lies. As long as they keep telling people the same lies and create a false common consiousness, they still can manipulate them or make them believe that the rest of the society thinks on the way that mass media report.

 About NAME's question: If we >hope< for revolution it will never come. Hope and praying belong to religion. A social revolution only in Greece doesn't mean anything, the same problems for lower classes exist all around the world. But around Europe it's more possible for people to rise up and I can say not in some years but soon. Otherwise the capital will fly to "communistic" China and the people in Europe will have to work for chinese payments. Also, don't wait to see the revolution on your pc screen, if you create it and participate in, it's much more exciting! -=:o)

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