[B] Call for demonstrations to the women's prisons

Sylvester zum Knast 2015

This New Year’s Eve we go to the woman’s prison. On the 31st of December we will show our solidarity towards prisoner struggle and bring our critics to the streets. We live in a system that is based on exclusion, those of us who do not function as they are meant to, or are considered different (for example because of where they come from), or who do not bend to the rules, are just being locked away. People experience repression everywhere in society and institutionalised isolation is just the tip of the iceberg.


This form of punishment is officially meant as a method of deterrence and a method of education towards the so called criminals of society. The economic interests of the prison labor system are coming to the forefront of modern society. Worldwide there are private and state businesses profiting financially from the industrial prison system. In the U.S.A, Australia, the U.K , Germany and elsewhere many companies are producing products behind the prison walls, or being supplied from them. This leads to an increased need for unpaid labor and towards more aggressive lobby-ism from interested parties, which have gained a foothold within every related department of justice within Germany. Together with the military industrial complex, the prison industry has become the only continuously growing economic area and belongs now to the top profiting corporations of the economy of the U.S.A. Since 2007 it is also the third biggest employer in the country which is cynical, considering that it is nothing else but a modern form of slavery.


Participation within the U.S.A is over all a question of skin colour people of colour are forming a wide majority of the currently existing 2.3 Million prison population. This shows the role that the U.S.A is playing, blazing a trail ahead, because also the German prison system`s main interest is that the prison system is about providing the cheapest labor possible, to siphon off tax money legally (PPP) and to lock away those members of society, who are considered unnecessary.

The prison stays a place of resistance, as the current fights of Gulaferit Unsal, Thomas Meyer.- Falk, Sonnour Demiray, Sadi Özpolat und many others show. The struggle of the newly founded nation-wide prisoner union is making clear that increased exploitative conditions have arrived in Germany. The fight against repression being fought by prisoners can reach from the gathering and distribution of information on existing prison conditions, otovarious forms of resistance, like the refusal to work, all the way to life threatening hunger strikes are all being used as forms of current resistance.


From next year on Berlin is getting a new penal law, which will make the prison conditions even shitter. Among other measures packages are not going to be allowed anymore, forced labor will stand and visiting time will be shorter.This means that the prison system is getting more restrictive Lets not get engaged with the fallacy, that any people belong in prison!


With the two demonstrations on New Year’s Eve we want to show solidarity to all prisoners and show to the outside world that we are here, loud and clear in reach of the imprisoned, ready to destroy the system at hand!



3:30PM – S-Bhf Frankfurter Allee
Demonstration to the women's prison Lichtenberg

9:30PM – Alt-Moabit / Rathenower Str.
Demonstration to the women's prison  Reinickendorf