Right to the City Vienna Meeting and ROD Info evening


Thursday 17-12-2015 here will be first the monthly meeting of “Right to the City Vienna” and afterward´s a Info evening from ROD about there garden/squatting initiative in Warsawa.

The monthly networkmeeting opens up space for exchange, experience and knowledge transfer. You are invited if you are active (or want to get active) within city related activism/politics if you have a interest to get to know ideas and possibility´s of contribute to struggles or if you are in search for support.

Thursday 17-12-2015 starting: 20h15 ROD Info-evening @ Schenke The Info Event will be in English language (whisper?) translation (to German) is possible – will be organized as needed. It will start at 19h (infos at: http://rechtaufstadt.at/termin/recht-auf-stadt-vernetzungstreffen-8/).

ROD (Radykalne Ogrodki Dzialkowe) - engl. Radical Allotment Gardens - is a project in warsaw which embraces Reclaim the Fields movement. at march 2015 we've occupied a territory of partly abandoned allotment gardens at the southwest of warsaw and started to restore this land. We started to support people who stayed there despite the fact that the developer was spreading the panic by frightening them and trying to get them out. As well, we want to save the territory of the allotment gardens and the green area around it from privatization and organize the social gardens and other kinds of activity which will include the local citizens and people from other places who want to join us.

What we want is spread the idea of occupying the lands and giving them back to people. we use renewable sources of energy and try to educate people about ecological ways of existence which use DIY and recycling activities. We as well are getting new knowledge about managing gardens, growing plants, building stoves and organizing social spaces, making tools and so on. We are a collective which resists hierarchic way of social organization, sexism, racism and other ways of social and economical discrimination.

More about ROD:

ROD will also be the host of the next Reclaim the Fields European Assembly in Poland in January 2016



17-12. 19h Right to the City Vienna Meeting and 20h15 ROD Info evening @schenke
Place: https://dieschenke.wordpress.com/ Pfeilgasse 33 1080 Wien